Mexican Rustic Interior Decor

Mexican rustic interior décor is a stunning way to design your home with unique furniture, beautifully rich toned wood and distinctive ceramics with hand-painted detail. It can also be a fairly inexpensive project. Read our guide for more facts & in

To tie in with the desert theme, Mexican rustic interior décor often uses rust reds and warm beiges to complement any bold and brash artwork in the form of platters, pots, tiles and furniture accents. Terracotta-type wall and floor colors bring out the warmth of the rustic atmosphere, and go very well with accents of teal, aqua and bright blue. Mexican décor also often reflects the colors of the Mexican flag, using rustic greens, reds and yellows throughout the interior, furnishings and accessories.

Rustic Furniture

Mexican furniture goes a long way towards making this theme look truly rustic. Most Mexican furniture is made from wood, whether it be inexpensive pine or denser hardwoods such as alder and mesquite. The real rustic touch comes from the wrought iron fittings, such as hinges and handles, which are often ornate and crafted by hand. This can also extend to larger components, such as wrought iron stands for large tables, and wrought iron bed heads. The wood itself is also often finished with a simple wax, rather than with glossy varnishes or paint, which makes the beautiful grain of the wood stand out. Wooden pieces are also often carved with detailed edging, ornate leg pieces or artwork in relief.  Mexican wood furniture is often available online in flat packs, and is also very popular and inexpensive in the antique market. The added wear and distress on the wood finish makes antique Mexican furniture all the more rustic in appearance, and will be a great centerpiece in any room in the home.

Mexican furniture is not all wood, however. Equipale style furniture uses leather upholstery as its trademark, and strips of cedar for a simple weave effect, and can also have hand painted or dyed features on the leather itself.  It is typically used for lounge or patio areas rather than dining or kitchens.

For those with an unlimited budget, wooden furniture can also come with copper plated surfaces, for a truly lavish, burnished finish. The copper looks divine against the natural grains of the wood, and also gives the furnishing an extravagant yet laid-back rustic look.

Ceramic Accents

A Mexican styled home would not be complete without Mexico’s ever-popular ceramic décor. Bathrooms look fantastic with hand painted tiles and ceramic wares, including basins, doorknobs and even entire toilets. Kitchens likewise look that much more authentic with beautiful hand painted platters and ornaments on display. The Talavera style is the most popular and recognizable, and has very strict quality controls within Mexico, to preserve the authenticity of the manufacturing process. Authentic Talavera ceramics can be a little expensive, but will come with the potter’s mark underneath and often also a certificate or identification number of authenticity. All Mexican ceramics are readily available at select ceramics dealers and online, as well as direct from the workshops themselves.

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