Mexican Shoes & Accessories

The Mexicans have a unique sense of style when it comes to clothes. If you are looking for the scoop on Mexican clothing and accessories then read on because we have the history behind the elements that make the Mexican style so unique.

The vast plains of Mexico are rich with immense natural beauty and a unique culture to top it off. The people of Mexico are known to be great cooks and animated characters especially when you consider their attire. Although recent years have seen a shift from the more traditional style of dressing towards a more modernistic approach we still see the essence of the Mexican spirit in the choice of colors that the Mexicans use in their clothing. These include brown and dark red complimented by green and yellow. Nonetheless Mexico is credited with coming up with unique attire that would otherwise attract a lot of attention but in Mexico is quite normal.

The “sarape” is one of Mexico’s own inventions. This is a large blanket cape worn by men on top of their regular trousers and shirts. In Mexico you don’t have to be a super hero to wear a cape rather you will see that the traditional Mexican clothing is incomplete without the ‘sarape” Unique as it is, one can still find people making use of this cape especially in the smaller towns of Mexico. The practice seemed to have diminished in the more developed towns which have taken likeliness to Westernized clothing.

Mexican Shoes

One of the things that are a trade mark accessory of Mexican clothing is boots. The dress code for men incorporates these boots along with the cape. The Mexican boots feel great on the feet and look great as well. The history of the boots goes back to the time of the Mexican cowboys in the 1800’s. The boots have undergone a series of changes and they are not quite like the ones the cowboys used to wear back then. The cowboy boots back in the 1800’s used to be short and flat heeled. Not meeting the requirements of their profession the cowboys decided to change the boots and make them taller and give them a higher heel.

The Mexicans used different kinds of exotic animal skins as the building material for these boots. This included armadillo, ostrich, lizard hide and bull skin. The boots come in slight variations of sizes, width and styles and by no means are these cowboy boots confined to the male gender. In fact you will be able to find these boots for women and children as well. The basic difference in style is the way the boots are cut; that is the low cut and high cut. Many varieties are also available in the toes of these boots ranging from flat toes to silver pointed ones. The pointed toes and high heel boots are useful for horse riding. According to Mexican tradition these boots also have detailed handcrafted designs and even embroidery work. Some boots also feature pictorial representations of horses and other things. But unlike other boots the Mexican boots do not have laces rather a lace like trim to hold them up.

The boots are still pretty common in Mexico and have gained popularity all around the world. This is because they are one of a kind boots and they add a unique touch to modern style of dressing. The prices of these boots vary according to the skin that has been used to prepare them but generally they are more expensive than the regular boots that you find.


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