Turkish Leather Furniture

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The Turkish furniture industry has greatly expanded catering to all tastes and styles. Leather furniture has also picked up momentum and is being widely manufactured and sold everywhere.

Leather furniture is chosen to add a bold fashion statement in ones living space. They draw attention to the furniture piece and aim to tie the room together. You will find a large variety of Turkish leather sofa sets made locally and being exported worldwide.  The majority of companies allow their customers to customize the furniture according to their specifications. You can choose the colour of the leather, style of the sofa, number of seating, design as well as the upholstery fabric.

If you are trying to give your room a completely new look then add a leather sofa set and choose other accessories or pieces accordingly. On the other hand adding a leather sofa set based on your current colour scheming will also bring a new and renewed look to your room.
Here are some options to consider when looking for Turkish furniture online.

Turkish Leather Council

The country has a Turkish leather council which is supported by the private companies working in the industry. It was founded in 2005 and has allowed the leather industry to grow.

They promote Turkish leather on the international market and aim to continually expand the country’s export potential. This is a confidence builder for overseas clients as the council works on aspects such as quality, strategy development, design, branding and marketing. Purchasing leather furniture from companies within the council will provide you minimum risk of fraud or poor quality products.


You can also go through various listings of leather furniture on Alibaba.com. The website lists leather products from various suppliers. Every supplier is unique in terms of the product offered, the condition, prices, variety and designs on offer. There are some unverified Turkish companies and Chinese manufacturers which list Turkish leather products for sale. It is recommended to go through their reviews or contact details before dealing with them.


This website lists a multitude of Turkish leather furniture retailers. You are sure to find something that you like. They list all kinds of retailers, local based as well as international. You can access the company details along with the pictures of their products.

The benefit of using this website is that you can go through many options before settling for one. You can also avail customization offers and special discounts.

You are sure to find the perfect Turkish leather furniture thanks to the hundreds of options available through these places. Find one for your home today!

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