Mexican Symbol Tattoos

Mexican Symbol TattoosThinking about getting a tattoo done to show off your Mexican pride? How about an authentic Mexican symbol tattoo? Why don’t you find out exactly what Mexican symbol tattoos stand for before getting it done?

With a population of over 100 million and several million ethnic Mexicans living in the US, Mexican themed tattoos are big business. However, all too often people get caught up in the hype of having a cool looking tattoo done without understand in the meaning behind it. This is a shame, especially if you’re getting your tattoo done as a symbol of your Mexican pride. A country with a rich and diverse history such as Mexico has a lot to be proud about and if you are looking for inspiration for your Mexican tattoo design then there is a wealth of material to draw on. Below we’ve mentioned just a few of the most popular Mexican symbol tattoos that are popular with Mexicans and Mexican Americans.

Mexican Eagle Tattoo

The Mexican eagle is familiar to anyone who has seen the Mexican flag. What makes this eagle special however is the fact that it has a snake in its mouth and is perched on a cactus plant. Apart from looking visually appealing, a tattoo featuring the Mexican eagle will serve as a symbol not only of national pride but also tell a story of the history of Mexico’s Aztec ancestors.

Mexican Religious Symbol Tattoos

Mexicans are deeply religious people who seem to have particular affinity to the Blessed Virgin Mary. A particularly popular Mexican tattoo that serves as a strong symbol of faith for people is known as the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe. This tattoo includes a picture of the virgin Mary looking down with a somber look on her face while her hands are clasped together in prayer. In this image she is standing on a crescent moon which is in turn supported by an angel. Surrounding the body of the virgin Mary are rays of light, similar to a halo except the light is emanating from her entire body rather than simply her head.

The history behind this particular image is specific to Mexico and Mexican history which is why in addition to serving as a religious symbol tattoo it is also an identifier as an especially Mexican tattoo. The story goes back several centuries to when the virgin Mary revealed herself to a local man in a vision telling him to build a church.

The man was also instructed to go pick up some roses that had miraculously grown on a frost covered hillside. The man used his poncho to collect the roses and proceeded to go to the local priest to convince him that his vision was real. Upon emptying the contents of his poncho it was realized that the real miracle was not only in the growing of roses during winter but that they had left an image; the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, on the Man’s poncho.

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