Chinese Fertility Herbs

Interested in Chinese fertility herbs? Find out about the different Chinese herbs that are used to aid the process of fertility.

The Chinese have long used herbs to aid the process of fertility. Records can be found of the Chinese use of herbal treatment for fertility dating back to 200 A.D. These ancient records also contain herbal formulas that are still used today.

Chinese herbs that aid fertility

The collection of herbs that are used for the purpose of aiding fertility comprises of well over 150 different herbs. Each formula contains up to fifteen or more ingredients. These formulas can help cope with an organic or functional problem that causes infertility.

Over the years the formulas were modified by practitioners based on experiments and the results that were obtained. There are some Chinese herbs however that have gained preference in this case. Similarly there are certain formulas that are recommended by the Chinese medicine practitioners.

One of the things that contributes to the variations in formulas for treating infertility is that Chinese medicine takes the specific condition of the patient into account when prescribing a herbal remedy. Hence the various formulas came into being as they were catering to patients with different disorders.

The prominent materials that make up herbal formulas include materials that are derived from barks, roots, flowers, leaves and fruits of plants. Fertility formulas cater to both men and women and vary accordingly. Some exotic materials like sea horse and deer antlers are also used along with herbs.

Using Chinese herbs

Generally fertility formulas are now widely available and can be readily purchased in China. This is recommended for ordinary cases. In cases where infertility is persistent it is advised to consult an expert practitioner of Chinese herbs. The availability of Chinese fertility herbal formulas outside of China is limited although their popularity is slowly and gradually increasing. Generally they are prescribed by medical experts in Chinese herbology.

Today patients will be able to find these formulas in various different forms such as pills, granules, tablets and teas. Generally the treatment is based upon the use of a single herb combination. Depending on the condition of the patient however two or three herbal combinations may also be prescribed.

Success with Chinese fertility herbs

Success with Chinese fertility herbs depends on finding the right kind of herb combination for which one needs to consult a medical expert who has knowledge about Chinese herbs. The other thing to ensure is to stick to the recommended dosage for the prescribed period of time.

In general the fertility formulas are prescribed to be used on a daily or periodic basis. The desired results are usually achieved within a span of three to six months. Doctors suggest waiting for a maximum of nine months to see if fertility will be restored after which they say that it is unlikely for the treatment to work.

Statistics show that one third of infertility cases do not get restored. The good thing about making use of Chinese fertility herbs is that even if they fail to restore your fertility they will load you up on a number of health benefits.

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