Mexican Wedding Decorations

Mexican wedding decorations are a fantastic way to create an instant, rustic theme for your special day, and can be relatively inexpensive with maximum festive style. Read our guide for more facts & information…

In the Mexican tradition, weddings are a joyous and very religious affair, in line with the dominant religion, which is Roman Catholicism. As such, there are many traditional and unique customs that pervade the special day, such as the lazo or wedding cord ceremony, and the 13 arras coins also used in the ceremony. There are also a few key decorations that are used at wedding ceremonies and receptions that are very distinctively Mexican. Firstly, it’s the color scheme. The festivities are fantastically overloaded with bright, contrasting colors. Think fuchsia pinks, teals, warm yellows and reds, and earthy greens. There is often also a vast amount of frill and lace patterns dominating the decorations. Papel picado, or cut paper, can look exceptionally frilly, and is simply a must for any Mexican themed wedding. Whether in white or color, papel picado is a staple celebratory decoration. It features rectangular or triangular tissue paper pieces with detailed and intricate shapes cut out of it, with frilled or scalloped edges. They are usually hung up on strings, and are often custom made for weddings with the bride and groom’s names and date of marriage cleverly cut into the pattern.

Contemporary Ideas

There are also subtle and contemporary ways to incorporate Mexican themes, without necessarily using typical or traditional Mexican decorations. Using traditional ceremony rituals as inspiration, decorations can include gold accents (like the 13 gold coins), rope sashes on chairs and table edgings (like the lazo), and toned down versions of the traditional Mexican flag colors. For example, substitute a bright, medium green for a dusty olive or pistachio green, which could easily be used as a key color in table runners, chair sashes, place cards and centerpieces without being too overbearing. You can also use Mexican design ideas on a contemporary decoration, such as papel picado placemats, place cards and confetti.

Centerpieces are also a great way to incorporate Mexican design ideas. For example, native Mexican flowers can be arranged in handmade Mexican pottery, or mini-chiminea pots could be used with candles. Tiles and ceramic tableware could also be a great way to decorate reception tables.


Some of you may be looking for a more kitsch Mexican look, such as a Cinco de Mayo theme, which is not unheard of for people looking to be married on the 5th of May, the official day in Mexico for Cinco de Mayo celebrations. In this case, like the traditional wedding, bright contrasting colors are a must. On top of the papel picado, you may also like to use zerape blankets as table decorations, and strung up paper lanterns to create a truly summer-outdoors feel. Piñatas are not strictly traditional for weddings, but can be great fun. Flower arrangements and centerpieces can easily incorporate potted cacti, chilies and native flora including Mexican petunias, poinsettias, Mexican sunflowers and mint. For extra kitsch factor, more stereotypical Mexican decorations can be set, including maracas, sombreros and mariachi figurines.

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