Mexican Wedding Decorations

If you are from Mexican descent, are having a destination wedding in Mexico, or simply want to add some Mexican flare to your own wedding, then read on for more information and ideas on Mexican wedding decorations…

For any couple, their wedding day is sure to be one of the most important and most memorable moments of their lives, so every little detail should be perfect. One of the most crucial parts of a successful wedding is the wedding decorations, as they can make a huge difference to the overall feel and look of the wedding venue.

Floral Decorations

Of course, every wedding venue must have flowers as part of the wedding decorations. You can choose to create flower arrangements with a Mexican theme, by using flowers that are brightly coloured in reds and oranges, such as orange and red spray roses or phalaenopsis orchids.

Candlelight Ambience

To add some festive flare to your table, while still being functional, why not consider adding metallic tea-light candle holders that are hand-cut and designed in Mexico, with an attractive Mexican-inspired design that allows light through. These candle holders are readily available in Mexico or on Mexican online stores, and can be delivered.

Handcrafted Banners

To add some colour to your venue, as well as adding a traditional Mexican feel, why not order some handcrafted Mexican paper banners. These banners contain intricate, hand cut designs on multi-coloured pieces of paper, and are strung into banners that can be attached to trees, items of furniture or from the ceiling to  add a feeling of festivity to the event, and can act as perfect Mexican wedding decorations.

Keeping It Cool

To help keep your guests cool in what is sure to be a scorcher of a wedding, as well as creating an interesting décor feature, why not consider placing large, foldable fabric fans with carved wood handles on each of the guest tables. You can choose the fans to be in a colour that matches your overall colour scheme, or mix and match for a more unpredictable, carefree look. If your wedding is going to be outdoors in the sun, you could provide parasols at each guest’s chair – as well as providing colour and acting as a talking point, the parasols also help to keep guests cool during the ceremony.

Table Decorations

To keep to the feeling of traditional festivity well known in Mexico, choose bright, vibrant colours for your table settings. Rich red tablecloths with bright blue place settings and multi-coloured flower arrangements can look truly beautiful while still maintaining a light-hearted, festive atmosphere. Consider using traditional ceramic jugs painted with Mexican designs as vases to contain the table flower arrangements – this will create a quirky and authentic look.


If you are going for a beach feel at your wedding, choose a colour palette that is cool and peaceful, reflecting the atmosphere of the sea. Choose different shades of blue with white, cream or sand accents, and ask the guests to all wear light, breezy colours.

Mexico is a country that is full of diversity, festivity and colour, so the ideas for Mexican wedding decorations are endless – embrace your own creativity and you will be sure to create the wedding of your dreams.

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