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Looking for South African rafting jobs? Learn more about the outdoor and rafting jobs in South Africa…

South Africa offers a plethora of outdoor activities, which include white water rafting. There are different requirements for South African rafting jobs thanks to the popularity of this activity. Some of the destinations include trips on the Orange River. The tour begins at Aquacade at Vioolsdrift right on the riverbank. Each raft is for two people and is inflatable. This allows for full control and safety, since one of the individuals needs to be a trained and experienced professional rafter able to handle tricky situations in the water.

Another job option is available on the adventures organized at Barkly East or Rhodes. This job allows the rafters to enjoy a warm day of paddling under the supervision of a trained professional. Other job opportunities are offered by travel and tourism agencies who provide adventure tours like River Rafting at Carryblaire. Located in Parys the job requires a four hour concentrated trip of River rafting. The good thing about River rafting jobs in South Africa is that they are seasonal and people can work in different locations for the rest of the year.

Qualified guides conduct the entire trip and this is where the main job opportunity comes up. Other professionals required on-site are there mainly for managing and making sure that it is in top-notch condition. This is important mainly because the safety of the rafters depends on the quality of the equipment. Maintenance is very essential and someone responsible for equipment has to have a fine eye for detail and a commitment to meet standards of safety and health.

One location for river rafting adventures is based in Clarens. These are grade three and four white water rafting adventures that are not rain dependent. Held on the Ash River it is an intensive rafting tour. Professional and qualified guides are required to be available for a particular time frame because it is not a seasonal adventure.

In order to receive international exposure there are different trip leaders and agencies that allow participants to obtain training as rafting guides. There are different rafting jobs open in South Africa and if you are interested in traveling the world it is possible to get an adventurous job within the adventure travel business.

Qualified people can choose a one-season job or an after summer job based on the requirements. By taking on a rafting job in South Africa not only can you travel and live in a new country, but such a job provides an exciting program that will help you learn more about the global community.

Some rafting jobs are for non professionals. These are tailored for students who would like to intern during the summer or during one season of rafting adventures. These jobs include taking care of the equipment, lodging and food arrangements for clients, as well as providing healthcare in case of an emergency.

Such job requirements are short-term and programs may be for a maximum of five weeks. If the rafting tour is a daylong tour then employees should look into the food requirements and comfort along with customer services. There are many opportunities for outdoor exploration, wildlife, wilderness and water adventures, which will teach you different lifestyle and outdoor skills. Taking on rafting jobs in South Africa can lead to greater confidence and self-discovery. Not only does taking on such an adventurous job assist in personal growth, but it also goes on to instill leadership qualities and foster a customer centric approach.


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