Mexican Wedding Dresses

For those of Mexican descent, what could be more appropriate than getting married in a traditional Mexican wedding dress? For more information about traditional, vintage Mexican wedding dresses, read on…

When planning an occasion as momentous as a wedding, it is common for the bride and groom to want to incorporate some traditions and cultural norms that come from their original native heritage into the ceremony, so they can share those traditions with the family and friends that they love the most.

Vintage Mexican Wedding Dress

Many Mexican traditions are handed down from the Spanish explorers that first landed in the New World and brought their culture to the native people. In reflection of that, traditional Mexican wedding dresses are usually white, as is common in Western cultures. There are however many features that make a Mexican wedding dress unique to this rich culture.

Regional Styles

If you are planning a traditional Mexican wedding, you have a range of dress styles from which to choose, as different areas of Mexico have different influences, due to the various civilisations that impacted on Mexico’s development as a country in the past.

Indigenous Wedding Dresses

Mexico’s native women, including the Aztecs and the Mayans, traditionally wore brightly coloured ankle length skirts and shirts that were made out of cactus-based textiles when they were getting married, before the influence of Western cultures. To create a wedding gown with this indigenous Mexican feel, you can choose colourful traditional fabrics with rich embroidery, or just choose brightly coloured jewellery for a more relaxed take on this tradition.

Spanish Influenced Dresses

The traditional Mexican wedding dress that has developed as a result of Spanish influences is usually slim fitting, and is often worn with a short, cropped bolero jacket, particularly if it is a Winter wedding. However, the dress may also be more of a Flamenco style, with layers of ruffles at the hemline that give excitement and movement when the bride waltzes down the aisle.

Bridal Veils

Another traditionally Spanish feature of Mexican wedding dresses is the intricate mantilla veil that accompanies most traditional Mexican wedding dresses. This veil is chapel length, and has finely detailed, good quality Spanish lace on the border. Unlike other Western veils, the mantilla veil is not gathered on the bride’s forehead, but rather falls elegantly in a single layer to create a beautiful, simple look.

No Pearls!

Important to note if you are from a family with mixed heritage is that traditionally, Mexican brides do not wear pearls to their wedding, unlike other Western or European cultures. According to Mexican beliefs, pearls symbolise tears, and wearing pearls to your wedding is thought to bring sadness, tears and bad luck into your marriage.

Deciding to choose a traditional Mexican wedding dress means that you have a great range of styles that you can choose from, that best suit your own personality and wedding while still respecting your culture and traditions.

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