Mexican Wedding Receptions

Mexican wedding receptions are typically full of laughter, fun and festivity, embracing the culture, traditions and diversity of Mexico. If you are planning a Mexican wedding, or would simply like to learn more about Mexican wedding receptions, then read on for information on Mexican wedding receptions…

Mixed Traditions

Traditional Mexican weddings are full of rituals, customs and cultural traditions. These traditions have been handed down over thousands of years, and are influenced by Spanish, Native American, Anglo-American and Aztec cultures, which have all played a role in creating Mexican society over history. The symbolic meaning behind all of these rituals are taken very seriously, but a Mexican wedding reception is far from a serious affair. For those in Mexico, a wedding is just the perfect excuse to celebrate and host a party that all their guests will love.

Kaleidoscope of Colors

For the colour scheme of the wedding and the reception, there are specific Mexican traditions. The bride usually wears a white dress, with white flowers decorating the site of the actual marriage ceremony. However, the reception is a different story entirely – to reflect the festivity of the event, the reception venue is usually decorated with flowers and décor in vibrant, primary colours.

Toasting & Favors

During the wedding reception, the madrina de copas wedding attendant will carry the glasses that are used throughout the evening to toast the bride and groom, and wish them a future of good luck, while the madrina de recuerdos will carry and hand out favors to the guests that are provided as remembrances of the wedding.

First Dance

When the bridal couple have their first dance at the wedding reception, it is traditional for the guests at the reception to all join hands and form the shape of a heart around the couple while they dance, symbolising the love that will join the couple for the rest of their married lives.

Money Dance

Another Mexican tradition at the wedding reception is the money dance, where relatives take turns to dance with the bride and groom and pin pieces of money onto their clothes. The purpose of this money dance is to show the relative’s hopes that the bride and groom will be wealthy in their marriage, while also allowing the couple to spend some time with each family member. After the money dance, the groom is teased and ridiculed by his friends, and is often covered with his bride’s veil or given an apron and a broom.

Wedding Music

A traditional Mariachi band will provide the music that is played after the wedding ceremony, as well as at the end of the reception. Often, the mariachi band’s song at the end of the reception indicates that the guests should take farewell shots of tequila, always in plentiful supply at a Mexican wedding.

By incorporating some of these traditional ideas into your wedding, you can turn your wedding reception into a fun, festive and cultural experience that your guests are sure to remember.

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