Croatia Best Beach Resorts

If you are planning a holiday in Croatia then you should know about the best beach resorts to make your trip a memorable one. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Croatia has always attracted tourists because of the relaxing beaches where the sun and fun is never-ending. Here are the top beach resorts to experience luxury, comfort and lavishness.


Hvar is considered as the queen of the Dalmatian islands and is a hip destination for locals and tourists alike. It makes you appreciate nature because of its beauty while being a hotspot for many body-bumping parties. The beaches are ideal for couples on their honeymoons.


Probably the best beach resort with a kicking night life. The most popular beach is Plat Beach because of its breath-taking landscapes. There are nearby naturist beaches with very little shelter so take along an umbrella for privacy.


It is in the south of Croatia and in between Dubrovnik and Split. This is a place to relax, soothe yourself and enjoy the scenic view. This resort is not for party people but for those who are looking for a getaway or a natural stress releaser.


Porec is the liveliest resort which is the most developed. It is found in the middle of Croatia in the Istrian Peninsula.  The resort is picturesque and attracts tourists from the world over because of its fifteen blue flag beaches. Jazz concerts, restaurants, bars and shopping markets in the main city are the highlights.


Pula is on the southwest coast of the Istrian Peninsula which is also one of the best beach resorts of Croatia. It offers a wide variety of water sports such as sailing, snorkelling and wind surfing. Another reason why it is visited by thousands of people in the peak season is because many low cost airlines fly to Pula.


Split is quickly becoming the most popular resort in Europe because of the luxurious yachts, hip clubs and glamorous people who visit every year. It is located on the south west coast, in the Dalmatia region. Bacvice is the most popular beach which is the choice of hangout of the locals and the tourists.

Krk Island

It is the largest island, located in Kvarner Bay which has breathtaking beauty. Baska or the Great Beach is an ultimate destination for beach lovers, with its bars, cafes and many restaurants. Although it is visited by hundreds of tourists yet it has many coves which provide an intimate experience.

All these beach resorts are visited by tourists from all over the world every year. And so accommodation is not an issue as numerous apartments, villas, bungalows and hotels are located in all the convenient and popular places. All you need to do is book accommodation online and confirm your flight to live and experience the life at these beach resorts.

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