Popular Croatian Souvenirs

Croatia is becoming a more popular holiday destination. If you are looking for authentic Croatian souvenirs read our guide for more facts & information…

Croatia, with its rich history and diverse culture, is a fascinating place for tourists and visitors. On a trip to Croatia, you will come across some typical Croatian souvenirs that every visitor will love to take home. Croatian souvenirs are unique because they are made only in Croatia and are not duplicated as cheap Chinese knock offs that masquerade as souvenirs through much of Europe’s famous tourist destinations.

Croatian Cheese

For those who have a taste for ambrosia, a bottle of Croatian wine is just what you need to buy to remind you of this wonderful country. Other than excellent wines, Croatia makes Maraskino, a liqueur made out of Marasca cherries that grow abundantly in the Zadar area of Croatia. This rich liqueur has been around since Roman times and has a unique taste. One might say that Europe has an abundant variety of Cheese. True, but most are now commercially manufactured, factory products. Not so, the utterly delicious Croatian Pag cheese. This cheese is made on the island of Pag. It is made from the milk of a breed of sheep found only on that island and is still made by a painstaking traditional method. It is because of this insistence on sticking to traditions, which gives Pag cheese its distinctive flavor not found anywhere else in Europe.

Take Some Croatian Luck Back Home

Take home some Croatian good luck charms to bless your house and the homes of your near and dear ones. These are known as Licitarsko Srce, and are made out of honey, dough and are baked as gingerbread in the shape of stars. These red-colored good luck charms are just the right souvenirs to make you remember Croatia.

Unique Croatian Items that Will Enliven Your Living Room

Looking for some unique embroidery to take home? Look no further, for Croatian lace work, again from the island of Pag, is just the souvenir to decorate your living room. The distinctive geometric designs stand out, and are reasonably priced to take away in bulk for gifting to your friends.

Croatian Gifts Your Friends Will Love

The Cravat, the distinctive neck tie, which today is considered as the mark of a gentleman and has adorned the fashion walks of Milan and New York, is a Croat product. The Cravat first made its appearance in Croatia in the early 17th century and spread like wild fire throughout Europe. The word ‘Cravat’ is actually a variation of the word ‘Croat.’ You will find some unique designs to take home.

The humble ball point pen was first made in Croatia by Slavoljub Eduard Penkala in 1906 and was popularly known as the Penkala pen. Today, the original Penkala pens are packaged nicely for tourists to take back as souvenirs.

For the ladies, traditional Croatian jewelry called Morcic is just the right choice to give as a present or a souvenir. This quaint and distinctive jewelry from the port of Rijeka, Croatia is sure to catch the eye of every one for its gold, enamel laid designs.

Croatian Lavender oil is yet another lovely souvenir to take home. This product is made on the island of Hvar and is a great buy because it is cheap, has a lovely aroma and is full of herbs that are relaxing when applied; just the right Croatian souvenir to take home.

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