Mexican Wood Furniture

Mexican Wood Furniture Are you looking to refurbish your home to give it that warm, earthy feel? Mexican wood furniture is a classic way to instantly create a cosy and inviting ambience to the home. Read our guide for more facts & information…

There is nothing quite like the natural textures of wood grain to make any room more homely. Mexican wood furniture is kiln-dried, and often only has a simple wax finish, which makes the beauty of the wood clearly visible, and also allows the wood to breath. The Mexican style harks back to traditional Spanish flair, with robust components contrasted with intricate iron fittings. The kiln drying allows for minimal warping and cracking, and each piece is often hand made and hand assembled.


Generally, there are four types of Mexican wood furniture that are all readily available. Pine is by far the cheapest and perhaps most popular choice. It can easily be purchased online, with a huge range of furnishings for each room. It usually comes in flat packs for self assembly, which saves on shipping costs. Hand carved focal points are a common feature in soft pine furniture, which makes for a functional, yet unique look. Lately, pine furniture can also be purchased in a variety of stain colors for deeper tones. Be wary of pine furniture that may have cost-cutting components made of MDF or laminates.


Alder wood furniture is generally a little more expensive than the pine, and is characterised by a harder, more durable wood in deeper, richer colors. It offers the same unique hand-made quality, and can similarly come in different stain tones. The harder wood makes it less prone to warping or shrinking in different temperature conditions, which makes for a more resilient furnishing.


Mesquite is another hardwood, which has rich brown and copper tones within the wood grain, which lends a beautiful rustic feel to any room. Furniture made of this wood is generally quite expensive, and used not only for furnishings, but also for more durable purposes such as flooring and front doors. Mesquite is extremely resistant to cracking and warping, yet still has the slight imperfect charm inherent in the natural texture of the wood. Take note that mesquite wood tends to be very heavy, due to the hardwood density.


Reclaimed wood and antique pieces are also often a feature of Mexican wood furniture. They are one-off pieces that can vary considerably in price, and have a characteristically weathered and aged look that immediately brings to mind rustic country log cabins and the Spanish colonial era. These pieces can also often have additional distressed finishes, or hand painted motifs to accentuate the exclusive individuality of each furnishing. Be mindful that vintage and antique pieces are often very bulky.

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