French Door Blinds

Want to buy some French door blinds? Want to know what blinds will look best with your door? Our guide to French door blinds gives you the facts & information you want to know.

French door blinds, or French door curtains as they are also known,  are the perfect solution for people who want a great amount of light to come into their interior rooms yet still want a degree of privacy when needed. French doors are characterized by their unique style and the distinct way in which they open.

French doors are usually two doors joined together that open in the middle, either through sliding or simply through being opened and closed from resting upon hinges as with normal doors.  French doors are usually built with wooden frames with large glass panels taking up most of the surface area of these doors so that a great amount of light can come through and brighten up a room. Although the origin of French doors can be traced back to the colonial history of France where they were used in typically hot African and Caribbean countries, French doors are also suitable in more moderate climates where sunlight is at a premium.

Using French Door Blinds

Although it’s a great advantage having a set of French doors it sometimes becomes desirable to cover up the glass panes on these doors either to reduce the amount of sunlight that is coming in which may be excessive, or to gain privacy from prying eyes. However, in addition to these practical purposes French door blinds can also be a great way to color code and decorate your living room with whatever style you desire.

Although French doors are built for better light and ventilation, at times when these come in excess then French door blinds help in keeping them out either partially or completely. In contrast to door curtains that always hang at the doorway, French door blinds can be pulled up and can be used to either close the opening partly or wholly.

There are many alternatives to think about when picking the best French door blind or your home. You should think about the extent of the room that the door is located in and determine the amount of light that you intend to let in. Once this is decided then preferences of color, style design etc have to be chosen for your French door blind. Other points of consideration include the mechanism for opening, manual or electric and even whether you want the room to look and feel bigger or smaller through adding French door blinds. The color you choose can make a big difference in this aspect.

Finally comes the installation. If you are a do-it-yourself kind, installing French door blinds is easy and fun. If not, you can get the company that supplied the blinds to get the job done. No sweat.

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