Mexican Woven Blankets

Mexican woven blankets provide you with the comforts of any regular blanket yet their design is what stands out. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Mexican woven blankets are also known as the traditional Mexican Saltillo or serape blanket designs which belong to the chicimeca people of the pre-colonial times.The Mexican Saltillo blankets are woven in hand looms with soft acrylic fibre used as the raw material which adds finishing to the blanket.

Modern Saltillo Blankets

They are made of 50% Acrylic, 40% Polyester and 10% Cotton. Their size is approximately 160cm x 220 cm, resulting inthem being perfect to be used as bedcovers, throws for sofa or as comfy blanket.

Mexican blankets are specially demanded and loved by people all over the world due to the ease and their multipurpose nature.

Multipurpose Blankets

The blankets are made from soft and absorbent cloths making them easily washable and highly convenient. Use them as yoga blankets or keep them close to keep warm. Also popular for home decor, table covers and can be taken to the beach or when picnicking.

Mexican woven blankets are also available in many colours, sizes, weaves, thickness and designs. They come in solid colours as well as with striped or pattern prints.

You can easily buy woven blankets by going through the catalogues of online retailers and order the ones that match your specifications and style.

The Mexican Hammock Company which have been working in southern Mexico since 1983 and are known to supply the finest quality of Mexican goods. You can buy hand woven blankets  available in bright and colourful designs.

People often ignore the instructions mentioned for the care and proper maintenance of the blankets which are essential to lengthen the life of your blanket and to enjoy it to the utmost.

It is also worth mentioning that the pictures on the websites slightly vary from the original blankets as each piece is handmade from the villages in Mexico. Keep all these things in consideration when you buy your blankets  and you won’t need to regret anything.

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