Mexico Land Sale

Looking for land for sale in Mexico? Want to know where the best land for sale in Mexico is? Our guide gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Finding land for sale in Mexico is becoming an increasingly popular activity with many US citizens, both real estate investors and private individuals alike. There are a variety of reasons for the hike in demand for land for sale in Mexico. Firstly, with the current stagnant state of the real estate market in the US, more and more people in the US are looking south of the border to Mexico for potential investment opportunities. There are many regions in Mexico that look particularly likely to see a property boom in the next 10-20 years which means that the land for sale in those regions is highly prized and likely to increase in value as much as ten fold.

Land Sale Auctions Mexico

Land sale auctions for plots in Mexico are becoming a more common phenomenon these days with the forecasted rises in Mexican property values. While there is nothing wrong with the concept of a land sale auction in Mexico you should beware of certain pitfalls. It is absolutely imperative that you perform your due diligence on the auctioneers before you commit to making any bids. In Mexico, he sale of land, or rather who can sell land, is not regulated. This means any old cowboy, or bandito, can set up shop pretending to sell land before making off with your money. That isn’t to say every land sale in Mexico is a fraud, but you should just be careful.

Land Sale Laws Mexico

The Land sale laws for land in Mexico as far as US citizens go is slightly awkward. While it is possible for US citizens to buy land in Mexico, there are certain areas in Mexico called restricted zones where the land cannot be sold to foreign nationals.  The restricted zones in Mexico are those areas within 50 miles of any Mexican border, including the coasts. This quaint law goes back to the early 20th century when it was set in order to prevent foreign nationals using their land as a base from which a foreign army could invade Mexico. The problem is, however, when it comes to land sales in Mexico many of the most desirable spots are in the restricted zone.
Overcoming Land Sale Laws Mexico

However, should you find some land for sale in Mexico that is within the restricted zone, you can still by it as a US citizen. What you have to do is create a legal entity in Mexico, such as a trust or a company, and purchase it in the name of the entity. The entity will technically be Mexican, although it will be owned by a foreign national allowing you effective ownership of your land.

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