Bassett China Cabinet

Interested in buying a Basset China cabinet? Find out what makes china cabinets from Basset stand out amongst the rest.

The china cabinet is a priceless addition to any interior setting. Today you will be able to find a host of furniture manufacturers producing a plethora of different designs for china cabinets. Amongst the leading companies producing top quality china cabinets for the masses is Basset.

Quality and affordability

Basset has been involved in producing top quality furniture items for over a century. The company is renowned for its well made furniture which is a bench mark in terms of quality. The other thing that sets Basset apart is the fact that it produces highly affordable furniture. Hence with Basset China cabinets you will be able to get quality, style and affordability at the same time.

The company was founded on the principles of producing top quality furniture for affordable prices. Today, after the company has experienced unparalleled success they retain this objective and continue to produce cost effective furniture. This fact is more than evident in the range of China cabinets produced by the company.

With the quality assured and a plethora of designs to choose from Basset is also more than willing to have the china cabinet of your choice delivered straight to your home. Although the company has now expanded and develops a wide range of interior décor items their china cabinets remain one of their best selling items.

Some of the most popular Basset china cabinets are as follows:

Redin Park

This particular china cabinet from Basset is extremely simple yet highly elegant in nature. The crisp and clean lines that run through this china cabinet give it a sophisticated and sleek style. Made using cathedral walnut veneers it is a highly durable piece of furniture. The amazing polish gives the cabinet a satin nickel finish. In terms of utility the cabinet has three drawers and two glass cabinet doors.


With a definite French lineage this china cabinet from Basset will give your home a royal touch. Endowed with three wooden doors along with three glass doors and one felt lined drawer this is a big size china cabinet from Basset. The silver tray along with the halogen lighting further adds value to the display cabinet.

Reef Bay

This Basset creation has a British overtone making it highly exclusive. It has a rather casual style and has been given a nice medium tobacco finish. In terms of utility the Reef Bay has three wooden doors, adjustable shelves, drawers and two felt lined drawers.

Custom made china cabinets from Bassets

Basset also gives its customers a unique opportunity to contribute with their creative input when it comes to designing the ultimate china cabinet of their choice. With the opportunity to select the hutches and bases you can tailor the china cabinet to suit your style. Furthermore you also have the chance to give the china cabinet you like the finish of your choice. The end product will be something that suites your style and meets the highest standards of quality from Bassets.

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