Mexico Prescription Drugs

Mexico has seen an increasing number of foreigners coming in to the land to purchase prescription drugs. What is the reason behind this influx of people seeking to buy prescription drugs from Mexico?

Basically there are three main reasons why people choose to travel to Mexico in the pursuit of getting their prescription drugs. The first and foremost reason being the low cost of the prescription drugs in Mexico. When compared to the prices in the US and elsewhere you will find the cost of the same prescription drugs to be much cheaper in Mexico. Secondly some drugs are not as easily available in the US as they are in Mexico. Thirdly some drugs that would require you to have a prescription in the US will be easily available to you over the counter. This is because the laws concerning the buying and selling of prescription drugs are not as stringent in Mexico as they are in the US.

Take your precautions

Although these things may attract a huge number of people there are some serious areas of concern when you are considering buying medication from Mexico. The laws in US are quite strict concerning the use of unapproved medication. If you are going to be buying medication that is banned in the US or unapproved of by the FDA then you might run into trouble in the customs. This is because the US law requires you to declare the import and export of all drugs. Moreover you will be required to have a prescription for the drug that you are carrying and that too in your own name.  Further more the Mexican market is also full of drugs that are illegal even under the Mexican laws. There are other drugs as well that would require you to have a valid prescription preferably from a Mexican doctor.

Apart from the legal stipulations attached with the purchasing of drugs from Mexico there are many other reasons why you should think twice about the affair. Medical malpractice goes unchecked in Mexico. Which means there is a great chance of you encountering fake products that are either substandard or counterfeits. Coupled with the fact that most of the Mexican pharmacists have little or no medical training they really won’t be able to guide you. Since there are no laws regulating the malpractice of medicine if you are stuck with a useless product or one does you harm there is no such action that you can take.

The fact that you won’t be able to tell where the drugs were made is also a factor that poses a threat to your health. On top of this you intend to break US laws by trying to conceal the import of restricted drugs and run the risk of being arrested. Furthermore you may unknowingly break a drug offense law in Mexico because of the easily available medication and run yourself into trouble with the Mexican authorities.  The strings attached with buying prescription drugs from Mexico are far too many to overlook but the final decision rests in the hands of the individual.

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