Indian Barbie Dolls

Do you want to know about the different types of Indian Barbie dolls? Are you interested in finding out about the history of Indian Barbie dolls? Read on for facts & information…

Indian Barbie dolls made a foray into the market long after the American children had a chance to spend their childhood with this cultural icon. And the Indian Barbie truly took the Indian market by storm. Every girl wanted to have her very own Barbie. Leo Mattel can be credited with getting Barbie to India.

Since dolls often reflect the culture of a particular country, the Indian Barbie is no different. One of the aspects that stood out in the Indian Barbie was the stress on family values with most Indian Barbie dolls being sold with Ken and the little ones indicative of the importance of family life in the Indian society.

Indian Barbie dolls also took on the traditional Indian garb; from saris to salwar kameez and from chaniya cholis to other traditional outfits the India Barbie had it all.

Initially the company had introduced only one model in the Indian market but since this was the time when children in India were done playing with the locally manufactured dolls and Indian parents could afford to indulge their children very soon the company had to consider putting out various models for the market.

Today you not only can you get the entire Barbie collection as its sold in the United States and elsewhere in the world but you also have Indian Barbie dolls which are manufactured keeping in mind the local sentiments. Some of the more famous Indian Barbie dolls include: the Rajasthani Barbie, the Punjabi Barbie, the India bride Barbie and the Swapna Sunadari Barbie; all part of the Expressions of India Range.

But the most popular doll in India at the market today is the Happy Birthday Barbie. Indian Barbie dolls are available as blonds and brunettes with the latter at the higher end of the price tag. You will notice that the blonde Indian Barbie has different facial features than the dolls available in the USA. The normal varieties are available in the price range of $35 to $60 but the Expressions of India range is more expensive at $75 to $100 because of the intricate work involved in making the attire and jewelries.

It is not unusual to see the Indian Barbie dolls attired in a sari which is the traditional Indian dress. But that’s not all. You can find a whole range of products associated with the Indian Barbie from her bedroom to her kitchen set and from the kids room to her spacious lawn. Needless to say children spend many hours convincing their parents to get them the latest Barbie for their birthdays.

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