Mexico Spanish Immersion

So you’ve heard of Spanish language immersion programs and are now contemplating where to go? Find out what makes Mexico one of the best places to learn Spanish with our guide to immersion programs, schools & courses.

Recent years have seen the Spanish language gaining popularity. Each year the number of people looking to learn Spanish has increased by leaps and bounds. To best cater to the rising demand of Spanish tutoring all the Spanish speaking countries have developed immersion schools. A Spanish language immersion program is the best way to learn the language as it gives you the opportunity to learn the language from the native speakers of the language and in the native environment. For this reason the Spanish speaking countries around the world have become popular hotspots especially during holiday seasons for people looking to benefit from a Spanish immersion program in a Spanish speaking community.

Why Mexico?

Amongst the many Spanish speaking communities is Mexico which has become an ideal place to study Spanish. It is especially convenient for people living in the United States as it is a short trip which will not cost them a lot in terms of time and money. Furthermore Mexico has some of the cheapest immersion schools for foreign students which serve as another attraction. Since the native language of the region is Spanish one can rest assured about the quality of the schooling that one will be able to get in Mexico. Add to that the low cost of travel and education and you have the perfect place to enroll yourself in a Spanish language immersion program.

Mexico has realized the potentials of the industry and has sought to develop top class immersion schools to pull in a larger number of people. The main target market of the Mexican immersion schools are people from the U.S. The nature of immersion programs is such that it requires the students to be part of a Spanish setting and a Spanish environment which they will definitely find in Mexico. Some schools will even make the students stay with a Spanish speaking family so as to get a personal experience of living a Spanish lifestyle. The Spanish culture and cuisine of Mexico act as learning tools for the students of an immersion program.

Immersion schools in Mexico

The Academia Vinigulaza is one of the leading language schools that is associated with a school that offers English instruction as well. English instruction however is not a part of Spanish immersion programs per se. The classes are conducted in small groups of two to six people max and the school also offers homes stays and different cultural experiences in Oaxaca. The Cancun Spanish Language institute is another immersion school that offers both group and individual instruction in Spanish. Classes here are held downtown whereas housing facilities are made available near the beaches. Another immersion school located in the historic region of Guanajuato offers Spanish classes at all levels. They have a typical immersion program known as the survival Spanish course which includes home stays as well. The American bilingual Academy on the Atlantic coast, Centro Bilingue and the Instituto Chac-Mool in the city of the eternal spring are other well renowned immersion schools amongst the many that are situated in Mexico.


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