Mexican Antique Swords

Mexican antique swords are known for their finesse, rarity and authenticity. Highly priced for their unique designs, they also reflect the European influence. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Over the past millennium, edged weapons formed the chief arm during wars. Swords were made in every part of the world with varying designs that convey their usage and importance. Today, the sword symbolizes tradition and honor, being carried by officers of many countries. Swords of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries pertain to the War of Independence, Indian Wars, American Civil War, War of 1812, Spanish American War and the two World Wars.

Early Mexican swords

The espada ancha, viz., ‘wide sword’ originated in the beginning if the eighteenth century in northern Mexico. It is known to have evolved from the seventeenth century civilian broadsword of the Spaniards. Ever since their inception, the espada anchas were used by the armed forces, the presidia lancers and civilians. They could be inserted in the waist belt, though soldiers wore them on leather slings or attached to saddles. The earlier forms of the sword were double-edged with a flat hexagonal cross-section. The hilt consists of metallic elements namely, iron formation and silver decorations. The blades have many divergent styles and have been used in various settings around the world.  However, the standard blades were usually of European make with engraved mottos on the hilt. Towards the nineteenth century, single-edged models became prevalent and by the close of the century, they went on to become machetes.

Mexican Eagle Head Sword

It is a nineteenth century sword consisting of a straight blade, which is etched. It is plated with design to form two grooves on either side and the hilt is silver-plated. The silver-plating on the hilt depicts an eagle head pommel and the guard has the Mexican Eagle and a snake. The sword grip is made of wood enclosed in porcelain. It imparts an ivory-like appearance and it is further draped in copper wire. The silver-plating is also seen in the scabbard which is made of steel.

Value of Mexican Antique Swords

Age plays a major role in fixing the price of an antique sword. The value increases with age, and undoubtedly any antique sword is highly priced. The initial appraisal involves a simple external inspection, following which other determinants should be taken into account.  The major determinants include the origin of the sword, the age of the sword, the type of sword and the historical significance implied by the sword. The markings and engravings chronicle about their use and the era of their make.

Modern reproductions of Mexican antique swords are fashioned using the statistics of ancient battle-swords.  A few collectors prefer to have the replicas of rare swords, but the actual antique swords are highly valued for their history and make.

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