Mexico Travel Car Insurance

Driving to Mexico? Want to know about getting car insurance for Mexico? Our guide to Mexico auto insurance gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Every day thousands of Americans cross the border south into Mexico with their cars. For many, a vacation to Mexico is an enjoyable experience, whether it’s to visit relatives, enjoy the beaches, get wild on spring break or just to enjoy the change in scenery. However, as with any road trip there are always risks involved and you need to ensure that you have adequate protection should you need it. Unfortunately, many Americans seem to think that their standard car insurance policies purchased in the United States will also be valid when driving in Mexico. With the vast majority of car insurance policies this isn’t the case. If you are going on vacation to Mexico with your car or with a rental check your insurance policy to see if you are covered for Mexico first. If not, you can pay an extra sum to the company that you have your present car insurance policy with, which will cover you for your trip to Mexico. Alternatively, you can purchase a specific car insurance policy for Mexico that is valid only for as many days as you intend to stay in Mexico. This could be anywhere from a day to a year.

Car Insurance Expenses in Mexico

The main stings associated with getting involved in a car accident in Mexico are the medical and legal costs.  As a foreigner in Mexico you are not entitled to free medical healthcare and can only receive treatment at a private hospital or clinic. This can be very expensive. Also, the Mexican authorities have the right to refuse a medical evacuation back to the US if they think you are responsible for the accident and owe in damages to another party. It is very important when getting your car insurance policy for Mexico that medical evacuation costs are covered as these can e incredibly expensive.

In addition to medical expenses, another thing you should look for in a good car insurance policy for Mexico is coverage for legal expenses. This includes bond fees. Even if the car accident isn’t your fault you may face detention time while the police figure out who was responsible for the crash while your car will be impounded.

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