Playa Del Carmen Condo Rentals

Looking for a condo rental for your Playa Del Carmen Vacation? Want to know where to get cheap beach front condos in Playa Del Carmen? Our guide gives you the information you’ll want to know.

Playa Del Carmen is one of the most popular tourist destinations along the Costa Maya in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Although Playa Del Carmen has seen much by way of condo developments over the past few years, Playa Del Carmen is still not as crowded as Cancun and is the ideal spot to stay at if you want to be able to enjoy the same weather and type of beaches that Cancun has to offer, but you want something a little more quiet and away from the crowds.

Playa Del Carmen Condo Real Estate

Playa Del Carmen has been identified as a real estate investment hotspot by those in the know over the past few years, and the town has seen a steady increase in the rate of development with hotels and condos being constructed. Many of the condos are bought by US citizens for a variety of reasons. Some buyers are retiring and interested in settling in Mexico during their retirement, while others are simply buying their condos for investment to sell for a higher price at a later date. A third type of buyer is interested in purchasing Condos in Playa Del Carmen in order to gain income from rentals.

With the steady flow of tourists into Playa Del Carmen every year in addition to proposed infrastructure developments along the Costa Maya, all predictions indicate that the number of tourists coming to Playa Del Carmen in future years is likely to increase. This means that purchasing a condo for rental in Playa Del Carmen now is a good idea.

Playa Del Carmen Condo Developments

There are many Condos to choose from in Playa Del Carmen with variations in size and location being the main indicators of price. Condos located on the beachfront in Playa Del Carmen command higher prices for both purchase and rental. There are several high end condo developments complete with amazing facilities such as restaurants, fitness gyms, saunas and steam rooms as well as golf courses nearby.

When you purchase a condo in Playa Del Carmen you often have the option of submitting your condo to the condo development’s rental program which means the developers will rent it out for you and give you a percentage of the rental income. When you want to stay in your Condo you simply call up the management team and tell them you are coming back so they an make sure your condo isn’t rented during the dates you want to be there.

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