Turkish OU Shotguns

Buying a Turkish ou shotgun is a tough decision. No doubt ou guns are much in demand due to their top rate performance, but their excellence comes at a steep price. Before you begin to weigh your options about which gun to go for, read on our guide f

Also known as the over/under gun, the hallmark of an ou gun is that it is one of the most reliable and trouble free firearms you can find. What’s more, it is easy to maintain as well. An ou gun is a double barrel over under gun as opposed to a double barrel side by side gun.

Advantages of buying a Turkish ou shotgun are:

1. Double trigger, double barrel and double bullet (also two different types of bullets).
2. Provide tremendous versatility in crunch situations.
3. Overall length is 5 inches or less.
4. Not very heavy and therefore better balanced.
5. No mechanical action required, therefore there is no danger of jamming.
6. Safe loading and unloading,
7. Simple to inspect bores and barrels.

Which Turkish ou shotguns you should buy

If inexpensive guns are your scene the BSA Silver Eagle is a good buy and will cost you only $489. An even cheaper option is the Yaldiz that sells for even less at $380. So if you have always wanted to indulge in the sport of skeet, trap and sporting clays but have not been able to because of the steep price of the double barrel, this gun is the baby for you!

The Khan range of Turkish ou shotguns is really good. Take the Arthemis Model 12 over and under shotgun, 12 GA, which has been rated as one of the top guns of 2003 by American Rifleman Magazine. It consists of 3” chambers, a single selective trigger, shell extractors, a butt pad that is Turkish walnut Monte Carlo stock, 10mm ventilated rib, and also has 5 choke tubes as well as a choke tube wrench. Apart from that there is a 28” barrel with bead sight. The overall weight is 7.38 pounds.

Then there is the Arthemis Model 20 over and under shotgun that is again rated as one of the best guns of 2003 by American Rifleman Magazine. Similarly rated is Artemis Model 410 over and under shotgun.

Thus we see that Turkish ou shotguns have grown in popularity because of their reasonable pricing, good craftsmanship and good performance. This has opened up the market for a lot of ou gun enthusiasts who otherwise would not have been able to indulge in their favorite sport.

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