Things To Do Costa Maya

Going on vacation to the Costa Maya? Want to know about things to do in Costa Maya? Our guide gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Whether you are thinking about buying real estate in Costa Maya, or simply coming here for a couple of weeks vacation, you won’t be disappointed at the variety of things to do in Costa Maya. Being so close to the sea it’s inevitable that many of the interesting things to do in Costa Maya will revolve around some kind of water based sport. However, even if you are not a big fan of sea going activities you’ll still find plenty of fun activities either on the beach or inland on the Costa Maya. Here we’ve put together just a few of the most popular things to do in Costa Maya.

Fishing on the Costa Maya

Fishing is a popular activity both with the local of the Costa Maya as well as many people who come here on vacation. In fact some people come to the Costa Maya specifically for fishing as there are plenty o companies offering day cruises with deep sea fishing where you can expect to catch anything from Barracuda, Mahi & Permit to Tuna, Snapper & Sierra. If you go fishing on the Costa Maya you can either go on a large boat and pay per person, or alternatively if you are taking a few friends you’d be better off with your own boat. The Yucatan Peninsula, in which the Costa Maya is located, is also home to some great fresh water lakes that make for excellent fishing experiences.

Scuba Diving on the Costa Maya

The Costa Maya has some of the best scuba diving available anywhere in the world. Every year thousands of scuba diving enthusiasts make their way here to experience the second largest coral reef in the world. Here, you can see hundreds of different species of fish and other marine life and be startles by the amazing array of colors in the coral.

Horse Riding on the Costa Maya

Horse back riding along the beaches of the Costa Maya is a popular activity that is truly liberating for both the horse and the rider. There are several stables located along the length of the Costa Maya from where you can rent a horse for a day and take it riding along the beach. If you’re planning on moving to the Costa Maya and are into riding you might want to think about buying your own horse.

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