Espresso China Cabinets

Espresso China cabinets come in a variety of styles. For more ideas on how to place your cabinet to maximize your interior read on…

Espresso is a dark brown wood finish that is great for decorating since it doesn’t compete with other woods and finishes. It is warmer than black painted furniture but still very dark and neutral. An espresso china cabinet can be purchased with an espresso dining set or it can be used as an accent piece which provides contrast to a lighter color background.

Since that back of most china cabinets have the same wood finish as the rest of the piece, an espresso china cabinet provides a great back drop for displays of dishes. The dark color will not clash with other colors and contrasts well with most colors. Black dishware needs a lighter background, but other colors will pop against espresso.

For those who like the look of espresso furniture but prefer a lighter color for their displays, the back and shelves of the cabinet can be lined with wallpaper in either a solid color or small pattern. It isn’t necessary to glue the wallpaper in place, it can be tacked. The best choice is wallpaper that doesn’t have any paste or adhesive on the back since this could adhere to the china cabinet making it difficult to remove.

Contemporary China Cabinets

In the last several years, espresso furniture has been especially popular in decorating and it is possible to find a variety of different styles in this finish. It is especially nice with modern and art deco themes, but works well in almost any setting. It is important to choose a cabinet with a scale that works in the room and with existing furniture pieces. Before selecting any china cabinet, measurements of the area must be taken to insure the piece will fit.

China cabinets are not just for the dining room, they can be used in any room in the home. The glass doors make the shelves a great place to display collectables and books and help keep the items from collecting dust. The lower portion of most china cabinets provides hidden storage for CDs, DVDs, games or even clothing. The real advantage of china cabinets is how much storage they provide.

Espresso china cabinets are available in a number of sizes to fit any space from slim to wide. Not everyone has room for a triple china cabinet, but singles and doubles still provide needed storage space and look great. There are even china cabinets which tuck into corner spaces of a room which is great for saving floor space. For those who need extra storage or just a nice, tall accent piece, china cabinets are a good choice.

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