Yucatan Beaches

Going on vacation to the Yucatan Peninsula? Want to know where the best beaches on the Yucatan Peninsula are? Our guide gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

The Yucatan Peninsula, home to the tourist resort towns of Cancun & Playa Del Carmen are famous for their beaches. Every year millions of tourists from the US and all over the world descend on Yucatan at various times of the year to enjoy a relaxing vacation that involves laying on the golden sandy beaches and enjoying a view of the warm blue seas. More tourist come for a vacation on the Yucatan Peninsula than the rest of Mexico together and the town on Cancun alone rakes in approximately one fourth of Mexico’s entire tourist revenue.

Enjoying Beaches in Yucatan

The best season to enjoy the beaches in Yucatan is from January to April. During these months the weather is warm, sunny and generally dry. However, because this is the best season in terms of weather this is also when most people deicide to take their vacation in Yucatan which means the beaches can get rather crowded. In addition hotel prices all along the Yucatan coastline tend to go up a little because of the seasonal hike in demand.

If you want to enjoy the Yucatan beaches when they are less crowded but still want to experience the good weather then the month of September is a good choice. There are not so many tourists in Yucatan as people all over the world have already taken their summer vacations. The weather in September is usually warm but not oppressively hot like during the summer months where sunbathing on the beaches can become really uncomfortable.

The rainy season in Yucatan last from between April to October and showers can be quite frequent. However, with the warm weather a bit of rain shouldn’t put you off enjoying the beaches in Yucatan during this season.

Crowded & Secluded Beaches in Yucatan

The most crowded beaches in Yucatan are to be found in Cancun as this is the most famous tourist resort town in Mexico. If you are looking for something a little quieter but no less charming then try Playa Del Carmen or Tulum. These towns, which are just a short drive south of Cancun, have nice beaches in good condition and enough restaurants and shops to keep you occupied, but are not the tourist hotspots that Cancun is.



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