Funny Irish Songs

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Variety Of Funny Irish Songs

The Irish are fond of singing and funny Irish songs are peppered throughout the entire repertoire of Irish songs. The songs, which most tickled your funny bone, were Irish drinking songs that were first developed in the public houses of Ireland. Ale and mead were generously drunk in among the working classes, who kept warm and merry with alcoholic beverages after a hard day’s toil in the fields.

Life was hard for the peasant folk who found enjoyment and a respite from the endless, back breaking labor with hours of drinking at the local pub. Numerous Funny Irish songs revolved around drinking beer and poked fun at both the drinker and the public at large. Red faced patrons were roundly made fun of with hilarious songs that brought forth guffaws from everyone.

Among the more famous funny Irish songs were ‘Craic Was Ninety in the Isle of Man’ and ‘Home Boys Home.’ The lyrics of the latter song warns young maidens not to trust their hearts to sailors who are here today and gone tomorrow, making their way for Irish shores. The former is a song that tells a funny story of sailors who made a ruckus in a public house and ended up in jail.

Funny Irish Song – Johnny Jump Up

No mention of funny Irish songs can bypass ‘Johnny Jump Up’, a particularly comical song about the horrors and joys of drinking a potent Irish alcoholic brew of the same name. The lyrics tell of a drinker who took a swig from a bottle of ‘Johnny Jump Up’ in an ale house in Cork and his funny travails thereafter. His pint of cider resulted in fisticuffs with a guard. An Irish cripple threw off his crutches and danced a jig after downing the cider. And a corpse woke up at his midnight wake, complaining he wouldn’t be let into the Pearly Gates of Heaven until he brought a quart of Johnny Jump Up.

Funny Irish songs were mostly drinking songs that were phrased in public houses were ale and mead flowed in copious amounts. The lyrics of the songs give funny warnings or tell hilarious stories about the repercussions of having a tipple too many!

Funny Irish Songbooks

For those who fancy a crack at learning the above-mentioned songs as well as lots more, i couldn’t reccomend “The Irish Songbook” highly enough. Not only is it packed full of all the must-know Irish classics that you’re likely to here in any pub from Ballyshanon to Boston, but the splendid thing is that in addition to the vocals, both the piano scores AND the guitar chords included.

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