Yoga Mats Canada

Want to buy yoga mats in Canada? Want to know where to get a decent yoga mat? Read our guide for facts and info on what kind of yoga mat you should go for…

Yoga mats in Canada are available in a variety of shapes, materials and sizes. There are particular mats which are from 68 to 74 inches in length and constructed of hundred percent hemp and cotton twill in various prints.

Companies that manufacture yoga accessories also provide you with bags available in either knapsack or single strap styles to tote your yoga mat from place to place. Yoga mats in Canada are easily available from good manufacturers who take pride in utilizing the finest fabrics with good stitching and embroidery which allows them to create fabrics and products which cater to exacting specifications and high quality standards. Since yoga originates in India most of the manufacturers for yoga mats in India have actually studied the craftsmanship and use of different materials by the talented artisans in India and incorporated these techniques in creating yoga mats, bags and other inspiring products in Canada.

The companies aim to exceed expectations for comfortable, stylish and durable accessories and apparel to make your yoga experience a pleasurable one. Whether you conduct this session at home or in a public place in a group these products are geared towards functionality, convenience and aesthetics. Since the aim of yoga is to create a healthy mind and body there are different materials utilized to enhance this procedure while you are practicing yoga.

Products like the healthy mat or Infrared Bamboo Charcoal Mat are created with crushed bamboo charcoal which actually emits infrared rays into the body and eliminates free radicals from the body allowing it to detox. It actually raises the body temperature from 1 to 2° and this helps relieve muscular tension and promotes best rate of movement in the body and increases flexibility. The mat is available in a 10 mm thickness which helps ease the discomfort in the knee and joints. It is a multifunctional yoga mat in Canada which can be used for Pilates or any floor exercises other than yoga and stretching. The good products allow you easy maintenance because the bamboo charcoal layer absorbs impurities and sweat and therefore does not require any cleaning.

The yoga mats in Canada can be used for multiple exercises like Pilates, gymnastics, karate and even stretching or home exercise floor work. You can even carry it on a camping trip or a hiking trip because it can be used under sleeping bags for heat retention and purifying the air in the tent. Truly a worthwhile investment for a person on the go.

Other Yoga Apparel in Canada

The companies manufacturing yoga mats in Canada also design specific clothing and apparel for yoga aficionados, because  good yoga pants and top will allow you to concentrate on your movement and posture rather than restrict these. The apparel is also made of high quality material which stands the test of time and is comfortable throughout the exercise. Yoga is often considered a way of life rather than a simple meditation tool and in order to support this practice it is best to get high quality products that will stand the test of time and allow you to be completely relaxed and concentrate on the movements to achieve serenity and a good degree of meditative relaxation.


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