Conservation Volunteer Costa Rica

Want to work as a conservation volunteer in Costa Rica? Perhaps you want a volunteer program in Costa Rica that lets you study Spanish? Here we’ve put together facts & information about Volunteer opportunities in Costa Rica that you’ll want to kn

Costa Rica is a popular choice for young students looking to do some useful community or conservation volunteer work while learning a new language and experiencing life in a foreign country. The popularity of Costa Rica as a volunteer destination is partly due to it’s proximity to the US making it easy to get to by plane. Costa Rice, however, is also an immensely rich country in terms of the wildlife and natural eco system. Although Costa Rica is only a small country, almost one fourth of it’s land mass is taken up by protected forests and nature reserves which are home to a vast array of different animal and plant life.

 Volunteer Programs Costa Rica

The fact that Costa Rica has a stable government and economic system have made it possible for many NGO’s and charities to set up permanent projects there, and consequently there are several volunteer programs currently up and running in Costa Rica. Regardless of your interests and specific skill sets, you should be able to a find a volunteer program that suits you. Popular volunteer programs that serve the local community in Costa Rica include teaching English as a foreign language to children in orphanages and deprived neighborhoods. While teaching experience is always an advantage on these Costa Rica volunteer programs, often it is not necessary and not as important as a positive attitude and willingness to learn.

Conservation Volunteer Work Costa Rica

For those people wishing to get there hands dirty and live closer to nature, there are plenty of wildlife conservation volunteer programs available in Costa Rica. These usually take place in one of the rainforests or nature reserves where the scenery is spectacular, although the work may sometimes be monotonous. A typical example of a task you might be assigned is to count and tag a specific species of animal. Otherwise you might be assigned a clean up job or even be responsible for assisting and guiding visitors to the National Parks in Costa Rica.  Costa Rica is home to a large population of sea turtles that are in special need of protection and the turtle volunteer programs are especially important and popular.

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