Machu Picchu And Galapagos Combined Tours

Machu Picchu and Galapagos combined tours are the best way to visit two of the world’s best-rated travel destinations that offer a unique insight into nature and history. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Machu Picchu and Galapagos form the perfect South American travel combination, as either site is strikingly beautiful in its own way. You can select a vacation package that combines these destinations and experience the diverse landscapes of Galapagos and the mysterious energy of Machu Picchu in one trip. Tour operators offer customized itineraries that start with Machu Picchu and proceed to Galapagos, or vice versa.

Advantages of choosing Machu Picchu & Galapagos combined tours

It will be a visit to two of the world’s wonders in a single trip. Galapagos, dominated by volcanic rock, is home to a variety of unique wildlife and landscapes. Some of the species found here exist nowhere in the world. The island cruises are exceptional. Machu Picchu, a unique icon of the Incan Empire, exudes an ancient mystery, providing unforgettable experiences for pilgrims and nature-lovers alike. Its location in the semitropical cloud forests lets you explore the best of nature.

Further, the two destinations are located adjacent to each other, meaning that you can make a cost-effective trip, and save a lot of money by eliminating additional international flights for two separate trips. You can take advantage of customized packages that are quite affordable. The saved money can even help you upgrade the vacation to a luxury venture and enhance your travel experience.

Yet another advantage is that you can explore both the locations in a few days due to their proximity. Common tour packages range from 11 to 15 days.

Tour features

Some of the important features of the combination tour include cruise trips, yacht charters and hiking options. The diverse experiences, such as the Galapagos cruise and Huayna Picchu treks are unique. Besides, you get a chance to explore other proximal locations, such as the Sacred Valley, Cusco, Lima and Quito.

The best itinerary

There is a common 15-day itinerary including an 8-day cruise, though it can be varied to a 12-day itinerary with a 5-day cruise. As mentioned earlier, the trip can start from Peru to Galapagos or may take the reverse. Generally, you first arrive at Lima, the capital of Peru, and fly to Cusco over the Andes. You may stay at Cusco or Sacred Valley, a wonderful place surrounded by snow-clad peaks. The Valley is at an altitude of about 9000 feet and is the apt place to start acclimatizing for your Machu Picchu journey. A stay at Sacred Valley lets you explore the Pisac ruins and the Andean culture of the locals.
Your journey to Machu Picchu is usually a train ride from Cusco to AguasCalientes, where shuttle-buses take you to the ruins. You can enjoy a guided visit on the first day and return for a Huyana Picchu hike the following day, to get a view of Machu Picchu from a mountain that towers high above the ruins.

Back at Cusco, you can take the flight to Lima. From Lima, you can fly to Ecuador, and again fly over the Pacific to the Galapagos Islands. The islands are at a distance of 600 miles from Quito, Ecuador.

The Galapagos cruise takes you through the different volcanic islands of Galapagos, allowing you to experience the wildlife and environment in each of them. The wildlife and landscape are diverse, and each island is home of certain unique species, such as waved albatross, marine iguana, flightless cormorant and the tropical penguin. The hundreds of years old tortoises are not to be missed. There are interesting water activities, such as snorkeling and swimming. You may also explore a part of the islands on foot.

After the cruise, you can explore mainland Ecuador or fly home.

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