Turkish Taffy

Want to learn more about Turkish taffy? Read on for facts and info on the unique treat known as the Turkish taffy…

Turkish taffy is considered to be the trademark taffy based candy bar of Turkey. It is available in a number of different flavors and is widely consumed all across the country. A Jew immigrant to Turkey by the name of Victor Bonomo is credited for developing this unique Turkish treat. As the son of the founder of the Bonomo Company of Coney Island, Victor started the production of hard candies and saltwater taffy in 1897.

The interesting thing about Turkish taffy is that it is not exactly taffy in its essence. Rather it is more of short nougat. It consists of a batter made using egg whites and corn syrup. This batter is first cooked and then baked. Another interesting fact about Turkish taffy is that it is not actually Turkish at all. This was because it was created in the New York outlet of the Bonomo factory following World War II.

Initially the taffy was being marketing in four distinct flavors, which were chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and banana. During the initial period the only place where you could find Turkish taffy was at Woolworth’s stores where it was stocked in large sheets and pieces had to be broken off using ball-pen hammers. It was sold according to weight at the counter.

It was in the late 1940s that the company decided to release a candy bar sized version of the taffy. The consumer could simply whack the bar against any hard surface and break into smaller bite sized bits. The frugal customer was at once intrigued by the chewy and slow-melting nature of the Turkish taffy and hence it soared in popularity.

Records indicate that Turkish taffy was the most heavily popularized form of candy by the mainstream media. The company that produced this unique treat sponsored an NBC Television program featuring The Magic Clown, which further escalated the popularity of the taffy.

By the 1980s Turkish taffy had become extremely popular and was bought over by the Tootsie Roll Industries of Chicago. However it was later discontinued by 1989. The production of Turkish taffy once against commenced following the take over of BTT by Bonomo Turkish Taffy, LLC. Currently plans are underway to release “the smack it crack it” version of the Turkish taffy on a large scale by 2010.

Turkish Taffy Recipe

Although the production of Turkish taffy seized during the 1980s the original recipe has stood the test of time. The ingredients needed to make the original Turkish taffy include white sugar, Karo syrup, margarine, vanilla extract or other preferred flavor, food coloring and water.

The process initiates by combining sugar with water and Karo syrup. Heat and dissolve the mixture, following which you need to add the flavoring and food color. Let it stand to cool for a while and pull the taffy to get the desired texture. Place it on to waxed paper in candy bar sizes and consume when completely cooled.

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