American Flag Lapel Pins

Interested in American flag lapel pins? Discover the unique variety of patriotic lapel pins available in the market…

Traditionally we would consider lapel pins a jewelry piece, but it is also a way to reveal affiliations and hobbies of the wearer. Aficionados of various clubs and hobbies are known to sport their pins with a lot of pride.

Whatever your interest you can flaunt it on your lapel! Another important affiliation is patriotic pins. The American Flag Lapel Pins are becoming increasingly popular with nationals and they are proudly worn to show solidarity with the country.

USA Flag Lapel Pin Standard – Short Pole

A very well designed American Flag Lapel pin which is universally recognized is commonly known as the USA flag lapel pin in standard design with a short flag pole extension. This is a lacquered piece which has a gold metal as its base and the back has a clutch pin clip. The pole is short and the total dimension of this exquisite piece is 625″ x .75″

USA Flag Lapel Pin Standard-Longer Pole

Another version of the Standard USA flag lapel pin, this one has a longer pole shaft as a distinct option for the wearer. Crafted in great finish, the high quality gold metal used in the manufacturing of this pin is lacquered with the flag design. The back has a clutch pin for the wearers comfort and ease of use.

Waving Betsy Ross Flag Lapel Pin

This American flag lapel pin is called the Waving Betsy Rose flag lapel pin as the stars form a circle in the design. The pin is made of high quality gold metal and the design is lacquered on to it. The clutch pin at the back provides a secure fastening option. The size it is available in is 0.75″ wide x 0.75″ tall.  The style of this USA flag pin is similar to the standard Waving USA flag pin.

USA Flag Lapel Pin with Ribbon

The USA flag lapel pin with a cute gold ribbon on the bottom left is another all time favorite with collectors. The wearer will be impressed with the high quality finish on this lovely pin. It is an all gold metal design with a lacquer on top to give it a good finish with gloss and prevent chipping. The back has a clutch pin to secure it on the lapel during wear and the size is 0.75″ wide x 0.75″ tall. .

USA Country Pin

This distinct country style flag pin has a unique feature – the design reflects a rippling flag in the USA Country Pin. This lapel pin is a perfect way to boast your patriotism as it has a USA label on it and that is encased by a well crafted gold border. You can reflect your support and pride in your country by wearing this exquisite lapel pin.

USA Heart Pin

A simple and lovely way to reflect your love and affection for the USA the USA heart pin is a cute design in which the stars and stripes of the USA flag have been encased in a heart. You can stand out among the lapel pin crowd and proudly proclaim your love for the motherland.

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