Palomino Peruvian Paso Horses

Horses are some really fine animals, that need to be bred with care. If you’re a horse lover, you will definitely be interested in the Palomino Peruvian Paso horses…

Palomino is the color of the coat of a horse. The coat is of golden color while the mane and the tail are white.  All horses with Palomino coats are known to be attractive but the Palomino Peruvian Paso horses are perhaps one of the most beautiful breed of horses one can come across. This breed of Peruvian horses, especially ones with a golden coat and white mane are animals of refinement. They are graceful and beautiful.
Peruvian Paso horses come in different coat colors besides Palomino, which include chestnut, black, dun, gray and even brown. This breed of horses are usually used in parade riding, especially the Palomino Peruvian Paso horses because of the exquisite color of their coat and their attractive muscular body.

Riding a Palomino Paso

Even though this breed of horses have a muscular build, their body is not disproportionate in structure. In fact, the ride on this breed of horse is known to be so smooth that even if you hold a glass of champagne in hand while mounted on the horse, you will not spill a single drop of your beverage. Thus, the horse has been nicknamed ‘champagne ride’.

Besides that, these horses are also well known for their good and stable temperament. They are known to have good stamina to keep up with training and are graceful and willing to do what you ask them to. The distinguished gaits of this breed allow it to cover long distances of riding at high speed over mountain passes while being comfortable for the rider. These horses are the ones to be on the lookout for if you are in search of horses that are beautiful, dependable, stable, surefooted and good for riding. And a horse of this breed with a palomino coat is bound to turn heads because of its eye capturing color.

Peruvian breed of horses are of medium size and you can usually find them as tall as 15 hands tall at maximum. The mane  can be either silky straight or even curly. So if you’re choosing a Peruvian Paso in palomino coat, you have the opportunity to decide whether you want straight or curly mane. Usually this breed of horse weighs something around 900 to 1000 lbs and the lifespan of these horses is about 25 to 30 years.

What Peruvian Paso horses are used for

Specifically looking at the palomino Peruvian Paso horses; they are usually used in parades and horse shows and are also used for endurance or pleasure riding. The reason why these horses are such popular candidates for the parades is because of their strut. The motion of their legs is as though they are in parade. This particular movement is referred to as ‘termino’ and the Peruvian Paso is a natural at the parade walk.
This breed of horses that originated in Peru is also found breeding in the United States and in Columbia.


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