Daco France

Daco France

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Daco France is a family business, started in 1974 by former CEO Mr. Joseph Abitbol. The head office and factory packaging facility is located in Anthony near Paris.

Daco France offers you a variety of fruits and vegetables hypermarkets and supermarkets, a wide range of dried fruit like dates, figs, apricots and bananas, along with dried nuts like almonds, cashews, hazelnuts and walnuts. These dried fruits and nuts are available in different packaging like bags and cushions Quattro Seal or even cored and wooden trays.

At the end of the year with the approach of Christmas, Daco France sees an increase in the sale of dried fruit baskets and with nearly 1,000,000 units sold and manufactured on the site manually, Daco France is sure to be the market leader in this segment.

Daco France markets its products under the brand name of Daco Bello and is recognized amongst distributors as well as loyal customers. With its constant high quality production and consistent service to the market, Daco France is now one of the top three dried fruit and nuts manufacturers in the French industry.

Daco France – Meeting Commitments to Meet Success

The reason for the success of Daco France lies in their investment in sales and marketing support, policy of high quality products, nurturing relationships with distributors and finally an efficient structure to service the consumers and business partners.

These key strategies have led to the steady growth of the company and the shared values are translated across the board on a daily basis. The key objective of the company is to satisfy both their business partners and the consumers. With the focus on performance, service, quality and responsiveness Daco France has managed to fulfill its commitments.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Daco France concentrates on getting the best quality of fruits and nuts by managing their supply chain effectively. All the products can be traced back to the supplier and source. The manufacturing unit is maintained well and meets the standards of the world manufacturers and ISO certified standards for hygiene and safety.

The entire staff is involved in the safety and quality of the manufactured products. The staff is trained to be attentive and adapt to the needs of business partners and consumers.

Daco France is known in the dried fruit and nuts manufacturing industry as a market leader due to their concentration on large quantity of great quality products. The quality is maintained and improved with the continuous enhancement in packaging.

With the development of packaging materials, the company invests in new materials and renews them to enhance food security, comply with weights and measures and also enhance the reliability of the product life and quality which in turn is essential to the improvement and expansion of the production capacity.

The dried fruits and nuts are packaged under a controlled environment and this ensures that both flavor and freshness is preserved and corporate profits are safeguarded.

A good example of this process is the thermoformed trays or scored portions trays. Further the controlled atmosphere packaging technique utilizes gas for packaging the product to retain the freshness. The air inside the package is replaced by the controlled nitrogen gas which reduces the spoilage.

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