Glenwood Springs Colorado California Zephyr History

Does the history of the zephyr interest you? Do you want to find out more about the historic Glenwood Springs, Colorado and California zephyr? If so browse through our guide to find out more…

Zephyr history touches on Glenwood Springs, Colorado and the state of California, as well as many other locations along the way. The original California Zephyr train was introduced in the year 1949, and was a whole new concept in travel and luxurious accommodations. The Inaugural trip for this train  was sent off with a christening in the city of San Francisco, by a woman named Eleanor Parker. San Francisco Mayor Elmer Robinsn was also present at the ceremony, and so was the Lieutenant Governor of California at the time, Goodwin Knight.

World Class Luxury Vacations

The California Zephyr train was created to provide world class luxury to passengers as they traveled across the country. Glenwood Springs, Colorado has always been an important stop through history for this train, and the ultimate in service is provided during the journey. The very first trip in 1949 included hostesses, who are called zephyrettes, and they have been a feature ever since. These hostesses would function in any capacity needed, to keep passengers entertained or even babysit. In 1952 sleeper cars were added to the California Zephyr train, providing even more amenities for travelers. The trip is intended to be a vacation while traveling.

The Car Owners

California Zephyr history includes the fact that the original train was not owned by a single rail company. Three separate railroads partnered together, and each was responsible for a leg of the journey. The train still stopped at many towns and cities along the way, including Glenwood Springs, Colorado, but each trip could include different car types and accommodations. The Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy railroad oversaw the journey from Chicago to Denver, and then the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad took over. This part of the trip went from Denver to Salt Lake City, where the cars were turned over to the Western Pacific Railroad. This railroad company took care of the journey between Oakland and Salt Lake City. All three Railroads worked together flawlessly to ensure there were no problems or delays for passengers.

The New Amtrak Version

In the year 1983 Amtrak decided to revive the California Zephyr, and make rail travel fun and luxurious again. For the very first trip the train company arranged for the hosting to be done by one of the original zephyrettes from the original Zephyr line. The train line still covers more than twenty five hundred miles in less than three days, but a popular option is to stop over in some of the cities along the way. Glenwood, Colorado is one such place, and offers fantastic hot mineral springs and a spa where you can pamper yourself.

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