Peruvian Saddles

Peruvian saddles resemble the saddles used by the knights of the 1400’s to 1500’s. For functionality they are hard to improve upon. For more on this, read our guide for more facts and information…

The Peruvian saddle is made to carry a rider in comfort for long trail rides of four to five hours without causing soreness to the horse’s back. The secret to this is in the tree of the saddle. The tree is designed of wood and in the Peruvian saddle this part will self adjust to the horse. It allows for riding at a gait with no upward bouncing of the rider, giving a very comfortable ride. The tree is wrapped with leather, as is the padded seat for more comfort. Parts of the saddle are connected with screws rather than nails and then covered with leather. There should be no rough edges on the screws themselves.

The Seat

After the tree, the width and girth of the seat itself is important. The size of the rider will also determine the width and girth of the saddle. It is designed so that the rider sits straight up without his weight being shifted to one side or the other. This is what keeps the horse from getting a sore back. It you have deadweight or weight distributed unevenly, the horse’ back becomes sore and it will constantly try to bite the injured area.

Types of Saddles

You should also determine what the saddle is to be used for. Although the Peruvian saddle is a great saddle for long distance riding, it is not a jumping saddle and should be used only sparingly for that purpose.

The Peruvian saddle is also a great saddle for work or for show. There are various models of the saddle made for these purposes. Only slight variations in the parts of the saddle are necessary for different models. The work saddle may have a large pommel while the show saddle may have no pommel. A saddle made for both work and show may have a pommel, but a smaller one than the regular work saddle. You may have a cushioned back to the saddle which will help rider comfort.

Stirrups may be ordered that are made of wood or from leather. It is possible to even have a Peruvian saddle custom made with parts of the saddle designed according to your specification. You can get as fancy or as plain as you want to depending on your needs and desires.

Keep in mind that there is no perfect saddle for every job. The Peruvian saddle is probably as close as you will come to finding a multipurpose saddle, but its main function is for the long trail ride. If this is what you want a saddle to be used for, you will be extremely happy with it.

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