Portuguese Flannel Sheets

Portuguese flannel sheets are known for their exceptional softness, strength and longevity imparted by decades of experienced Portugal mills. Read our guide for more facts and information…

The northern part of the European continent marks the origin of flannels, as the chilly climate forced fabric manufacturers to bring out the warmth concealed in ordinary fabrics by brushing them. Germany, England and Portugal are popular for their flannel sheets, with the Portuguese flannels exhibiting a light weight and loose weave, adding to the warmth and coziness rendered by the fabric.

Flannel-making in Portugal

In Portugal, flannel-making can be related to an art because of the traditional expertise involved in the process. Most of Portugal’s flannel mills are located around Guimaraes, which is considered the original capital and is also renowned for its wine-making areas. Portuguese mills lift up the flannel’s fiber ends or ‘nap’ by focusing on the brushing process, which requires utmost care. Brushing is a significant part of flannel making as it distinctly raises the fiber ends to impart a smooth and cozy texture. The experience of these mills is a significant aspect, helping the maker to rightly incorporate the varying weave designs that suit the pattern involved.

Characteristics of Portuguese flannels

Flannels are considered to be the warmest of all fabrics. Portuguese flannels make use of high quality fabrics and suitable processing techniques to bring about a unique texture. The right blend of materials adds to the quality, as cotton imparts softness and wool imparts warmth.  The fabric used makes the flannels durable and the brushing is done perfectly to ensure that the piles are long-lasting. Portuguese flannels, available in varying thickness, have a remarkable utility as thinner ones are suitable for regular use.

The characteristics of a typical flannel are determined by the ounce of cotton used per square yard, and not by the thread count used for tightly woven cotton fabric. Portuguese flannels have the right weave pattern that is suitable for making perfect fluffy fiber ends. With regard to the quality determined by the fabric weight, Portuguese sheets offer the best quality flannels. Double brushed flannels can be used on both sides, and ensure better brands.

Availability and uses of Portuguese flannels

Reliable Portuguese flannels are available worldwide, including prominent flannel makers like Cal King Flannel Sheets, Vermonts Country Store, Land’s End and Lanz Tylorean in the US.

Portuguese flannel sheets form excellent sleepwear, with warm and plush sheets. They can be machine-washed and dried to remove loose fibers so that pilling on the bed can be avoided. A thick Portuguese flannel used during winter can indeed reduce the electricity bill, without the need of a room heater. Thinner ones are usable in summer too.

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