Italian Nature Guide: Animals in Italy

Are you interested in spotting some of Italy’s rare animal species on you holiday to Italy? Would you like to know where to go to find some of the most beautiful animals in Italy? Our guide to animals in Italy gives you the facts & information youâ

Animals in Italy

Italy is not a primary destination for animal lovers from around the world and not particularly known for its variety of exotic animal species. There are, however, several interesting places to go in Italy to spot some interesting and often rare species of animal. Below we’ve highlights a few of Italy’s most precious animals and where to spot them

Brown Bears in Italy

Italy is home to about 100 Brown bears. These animals almost became extinct in Italy during the 20th Century due to being hunted and seen as pests by many farmers whose animals were attacked by these brown bears. Due to a concerted conservation effort in Italy, however, numbers of brown bears have stabilised in recent years and appear to be on the increase. This is partly because some of these animals were re introduced to the wild in Italy after having been imported from neighbouring Slovenia, where bears are not so threatened. Brown bears can be spotted at several of Italy’s National Parks scattered across the country.

Animals at Monti Sibilini National Park in Italy

The National Park at Monti Sibilini is one of the best places to come in Italy to see different species of animals. The Monti Sibilini National Park is located about 100km west of Rome and boasts a wide array of different animals. Among the animals that can be spotted at this national park in Italy are wild wolves, wildcats and deer. In addition, there are believed to be upwards of 20 different reptile species inhabiting this national park including several snake species.

Animal life at sea In Italy

Italy has a vast and interesting coastal geography. The waters in the seas surrounding Italy are replete with interesting sea life and the way to see many of these animals is by going scuba diving. Alternatively, sailing in the waters off the coast of Italy may lead you to be lucky enough to spot dolphins, swordfish and even white sharks that are believed to swim in the Mediterranean Sea off the southern Coast of Italy.

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