Tennessee Turkey Hunting Season

Want to enjoy the Tennessee Turkey Hunting Season? Read ahead to be prepared for the Tennessee Turkey hunting season well in time…

The wild turkey population in Tennessee had hit an all-time low in the last few decades but is being restored. The state has taken various measures to preserve this game bird and managed to create different habitats so that the birds can manage a self sustaining population which is vigorous in number. The idea is to make the game bird available for hunters as well as regular feeding of the population local to this state.

Regulations for Tennessee Turkey Hunting Season

Tennessee turkey hunting season starts in spring and the statewide turkey season begins on April 3 and lasts up to 16th of May. You are allowed to hunt one bearded turkey on a daily basis and are not allowed to hunt more than four in one season. Bonus turkeys fall within the category of quota hunts along with the specifically allotted WMA’s.

For the young sportsman who want to be initiated into the Tennessee turkey hunting season the season starts from March 27 and they are allowed to take one bearded turkey which contributes to the statewide bag.

However if it is taken through a WMA and the turkey was designated, it will be considered a bonus bird. The youth must be accompanied by adults who are not hunting and are over the age of 21. The aim is to give them mastery of the gun or bow and arrow utilized for hunting if required.

Importance of Wild Turkey for Hunting and Food

Wild Turkey is a very important part of the diet in America and the large numbers actually support the feeding requirements of this country. Thus any plan enacted by the Wildlife Association of the state aims to meet the requirements of the people of Tennessee and is established on a long-term basis. It aims to ensure a constant population of wild turkeys for years to come and if managed efficiently it should be able to meet the requirements.

Wild Turkey Population High in Tennessee

Some regions of the Tennessee state have seen a large growth in the population of turkey. However many locals are concerned that the increasing population has been encouraged for game hunters rather than the local population. This has on its own brought about many challenges for the Wildlife Management Association.

There have been much economic loss due to turkeys invading areas which they should be clear of. The aim is to have an optimum population level and habitat for the wild turkeys in Tennessee. Many professional outfitters all over the Tennessee can help you enjoy your annual turkey hunt in a professional and legal manner.

Larger Number of Hunting Flocks in Tennessee

Tennessee Turkey hunting season is a gold mine for hunters in the state. There has been a huge increase in the number of wild turkeys because of the restoration methods in use. While the total number of turkeys may not be very high, with a large number of flocks that can be hunted the average population is maintained very well.

It seems that the weather conditions, which vary from one part of the state to another, have a large effect on which flocks survive. Whenever local crop declines are noted, the hunters can move across the state to use different locations to find more huntable flocks to meet their requirements.

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