Mexican Eagle Tattoos

Want to display your national pride with a tattoo? Why not go for a proud Mexican eagle tattoo? Our guide gives you the facts & information about the Mexican eagle you’ll want to know before getting your tattoo done.

The Mexican eagle was first used in 1823 and the eagle and snake have been present ever since as the Emblem of Arms of several successive governments in Mexico. What is immediately special about the Mexican eagle is that it is distinctly Mexican and nothing to do with the Spanish colonizers who ruled the country for three hundred years. In fact the Mexican eagle was deliberately chosen as it was present in the mythology and folklore of the original Aztecs who were native to Mexico before Europeans came.

The history behind the Mexican eagle that so many choose to tattoo on their bodies is tied up intimately with the very history of Mexico City itself. According to tradition the Aztecs were told to wander the lands until they saw an eagle with a snake in it’s mouth on top of a cactus plant. Well, after several years of wandering that’s exactly what they saw and took it as a sign to settle down at that spot. Today, that same place is known as Mexico City! One of the largest, busiest, most populated cities on earth.

Choosing your Mexican Eagle Tattoo

Unlike other Mexican Aztec tattoos, because the Mexican eagle is actually on the flag most people know what it looks like and expect it to look a certain way. Therefore there isn’t that much variance you could give to your tattoo to give it uniqueness, unless you’re willing to get creative. Typical options you can choose when getting your tattoo done include adding the background colors of the flag or not, or changing the color scheme on the eagle itself to make it more colorful.

Mexican Eagle Aztec Tattoos

If you are not too keen on the idea of using the eagle from the Mexican flag for your tattoo, but still like the thought of having an eagle tattoo, you can opt for the old Aztec eagle tattoo. This tattoo is taken from the ancient Aztec calendar developed by the Aztecs in which each day of the month is represented by a different creature.

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