Russian Military Hats

Russian military hats have an interesting and intriguing history. Read our guide below for more facts and information on army & navy hats from Russia…

After the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1992, the Armed Forces of Russian Federation was formed. The origin of the Russian military dates back to the 13th century. There are various Russian military hats that are a part of the uniform of the personnel and are differentiated as per the stature and post of the personnel.


Budenovka is a Russian military hat that was an integral part of the Russian Civil War. It was officially referred to as the broadcloth helmet. It was also called the “frunzenka”. This hat was basically a woolen hat worn under the helmet to cover the head, ears and neck. The cap had foldable ear flaps that could either be tied up on the hat or tied down on the chin and also had a beak in the front.

Victor Vasnetsov, a renowned painter, was greatly influenced by the Kiev Rus helmet and thus designed this hat as a part of the Russian military uniform. The name given to this hat at that time was “Bogatyrka”. The whole concept behind the naming was to inspire the Russian soldiers by reuniting them with the ancient heroes of Russian folklore.

These hats were used by the communist troops during the Russian Civil War as they were distinctive in their look. A red star pin was decorated on them to create a distinctive symbol. Initially the star was not formalized, but later it became an integral part of the uniform and was imbibed officially as a part of the military uniform. The color of the star depended on the regiment. It was during this time that the hat was named Budenovka from Bogatyrka. The earlier version of the hat had a high tip that was later changed to a low tip in 1927.

However, during the 1930’s the hat was finally abandoned as firstly the hat was not comfortable to wear under the helmet. Secondly the hat was not as warm and comfortable as required to be and could not adequately protect from the extreme Russian cold. Also the wool required to make these hats was making the cost of production quite high. They were last used in the Winter War of 1939 and finally the garrison cap replaced it in 1941.

Pilotka Russian Military hat

This is basically a garrison hat that was known as Pilotka in Russia. These caps were worn in summers and were a part of the Air Force pilot’s uniform during World War I.


This is a warm military hat made of fur and has ear flaps that can be tied on the chin or on top of the hat. This hat provides sufficient protection to the wearer from the chilly winters. It is a part of the winter military uniform in Russia and some other countries too.

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