Cycling across Switzerland

Are you interested in cycling in Switzerland? You’ll want to know some of the best cycling routes in Switzerland. Here we’ve provided some tips for your cycling holiday in Switzerland.

The cycling terrain in Switzerland varies greatly from relatively flat lakesides and valleys to the hills and steep mountain roads of the Swiss Alps. However, wherever to you decide to go cycling in Switzerland you can be assured of clean conditions, fresh air and some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

Cycling permits for Switzerland

If you’re planning on bringing your own bicycle to Switzerland to do some cycling then be aware that you need a cycling permit. Fortunately obtaining the cycling permit or vignette is a hassle free process and simply requires popping into any post office in Switzerland to purchase the cycling vignette for a fee of 5 Swiss Francs. Once you’ve bought your cycling vignette your free to go cycling anywhere in Switzerland safe in the knowledge that your 5 Swiss Francs has also just bought you Swiss road tax and 3rd party cycling insurance in Switzerland for one year.

Cycling routes in Switzerland

Switzerland is covered with a multitude of special cycling routes, some of which are local, while others are designed to span the whole of Switzerland. Some of the longer cycling routes in Switzerland are approximately 3000km in length. The best place to get up to date information on cycling routes in Switzerland is from any Swiss tourist office where you can obtain free maps of various cycling routes available in Switzerland.

Cycling and trains in Switzerland

If you decide you want to take a break from cycling while in Switzerland and want to take a train to another city, the good news is that trains in Switzerland do accommodate bicycles. However, it is necessary to purchase a special travel pass that allows you to take your bicycle on the train which costs 15 Swiss Francs. Trains in Switzerland are equipped with special storage carriages for bicycles and it is compulsory that all bicycles be stored here.

Cycling with rental bicycles in Switzerland

There are many places where one can rent a bicycle in Switzerland. Most major train stations have a bicycle rental office where it is possible to rent a variety of different bicycles, usually for a flat fee of 30 Swiss Francs per day. It is also possible to rent a bicycle for one way trips as long as you inform the office from where you are renting where you intend to drop the bicycle off.

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