Candle Gifts for Wedding Guests South Africa

Looking for candle gifts for wedding guests in South Africa? Learn how to prepare wonderful gifts with candles for wedding guests in South Africa…

The different suppliers of wedding favors and gifts for guests in South Africa have a long-standing reputation of providing unique candle gifts. These make a unique party favor or wedding favor for guests, because they are not only practical gifts that can be used but are also pretty to look at. Candle gifts for wedding guests in South Africa can be purchased in many different sizes and shapes.

Different Shapes of Candles

From an economical square candle of 2 inches to a large combination of thick candles in beautiful colors, one is spoiled with a plethora of choices. Each candle can be branded and printed with the name of the families across it and it is also possible to print family crests on it as well.

If there are certain special colors followed by the wedding designer or the theme of the décor has different colors they can be incorporated into the candle by coloring the gel orthe wax.

Candles are available in a pillar shapes, rectangles, and votive gels as well as oval shapes or filled out in different layers in statutes and floral decorations. There are die cut candle gifts for South African wedding guests, which can look like hearts, daisies, and even cherubs. The candles are further wrapped up in can lace or tied up with a different contrasting ribbon and placed on small shells to look decorative and attractive.

Gift candles can be acquired in different designs and sizes that range from contemporary to classic colors and shapes. These bright handcrafted candles may be fairly pricey, but look amazing and are accompanied by basic small votives that may be made out of plastic, glass or metal.

Creating a Homemade Candle Favor

Focusing on the small details of the favors and serviette can help personalize the wedding along with making a personalized guestbook. Even if the budget is limited and you can’t choose the items that are costly and large, a simple and attractive wedding favor can be created by buying commercial votive candles, which are purchased by the hundreds. Just dust them with glitter and place them on a hard cardboard, which is colored and has the name of the bride and groom printed on it. Not only will it be a personalized party favor, but if you wrap it up in some polyester netting and tie it off with a ribbon it makes a perfect and unique gift. A well-planned wedding should look into candle gifts for the wedding guests in South African weddings as the perfect party favor.

It is also possible to create a personalized wedding website to help busy guests stay in touch and keep abreast of the details and events. The décor details should include invitations and stationery such as the name cards and placemats. Each of the tables should have the same party favor if it is a sit-down dinner and the candles that are lit at the venue should be the same as the party favor.

To incorporate the effect of light, new beginnings and warmth into the wedding celebration it is a good idea to release sky lanterns. Each guest can write a personal message on their lantern and let the biodegradable mulberry paper lanterns rise high in the sky to light up the wedding venue.

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