Indian Necklace Motifs

Want to learn more about Indian necklace motifs? Read on to find out about the different motifs that are used to adorn Indian necklaces…

Indian jewelry uses unique stones and designs to create necklace motifs and other jewelry items. There is a unique variety of stones and precious metals which are combined to create exquisite necklaces and jewelry sets in India.

The most interesting thing about Indian necklace motifs is that they differ from region to region. For example the use of gold is extremely popular in the southern areas where necklace motifs in solid Gold are quite popular. In the north gemstones and other metals like silver and a mix of copper and bronze are also utilized.

With the modern-day machine jewelry you can even incorporate gold and silver balls along with crystals in manufacturing necklace motifs for Indian jewelry.

Inspiration for Indian Necklace Motifs

Jewelers across India draw inspiration from the rich historical and cultural past of India. The regal attire and jewelry of the emperors is still replicated by Indian jewelers and popular across the country.

The basic motifs created in those times were inspired by flowers, teardrops, and leaf patterns. An interesting fact about Indian necklace motifs is that the entire design would be crafted to showcase one singular gemstone and the shape that flowed out of the design would be used to highlight the beauty of that stone. The charm and craftsmanship of Indian necklaces doesn’t just stop at the motif but it is finished with chains and strings of uniquely crafted pearl and gold strips to create long dangling necklaces or short chokers which sit on the neck.

Unique Designs of Indian Necklace Motifs

When gemstones are used in the gold or silver base the Indian necklace motif is carried through the entire length of the necklace. It is usually constructed out of a single or double strand of gemstones running across the length of the neck with vertically suspended motifs in the shape of flowers, circles, teardrops or vertical lines finished off with a dangling gemstone at the end.

Often the Paisley motif is used as a singular focus point in the necklace or small Paisley are dangled off one or two chains made in gold or pearls. Generally gold is used as a base metal to showcase gemstones. However if the design is constructed out of gold then it will be used as a solid metal across the design and not combined with any other item. These are usually necklaces which are worn as part of the bridal attire.

Some of the famous Indian necklace motifs include the Paisley and gemstones which are available in strings of three, five or seven strings of pearls each of which have a similar pendant suspended in the center usually created out of uncut diamond and emeralds. Apart from this there are various solid gold necklaces which utilize small flowers in gold with the center of a gemstone.

Indian jewelry has in its contemporary form embraced classic Victorian designs also and you can find many necklace motifs which follow the filigree pattern commonly used across the world to identify Victorian style jewelry. With the classic Indian craftsmanship it is no wonder that these designs for Indian necklace motifs are popular the world over because they give it a completely different look and make them extremely unique by combining the vintage with their own heritage.

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