Conti 150 cc Quad Bikes South Africa

Looking for Conti 150 cc quad bikes in South Africa? Read on for more information about the popular quad bikes Conti 150 cc in South Africa…

The popular 150 cc Conti Quad bikes in South Africa are all-terrain vehicles that are used to navigate different areas of the South African outback. The ATV is an important vehicle in South Africa because many individuals use them to take a ride out to discover South African landscapes. Globally recognized tourist organizations and agencies also conduct camping trips that are based on ATV usage. This makes the Conti 150 cc quad bike essential to South Africans who enjoy exploring the outback.

Specifications of The Conti 150 cc

The Conti 150 cc quad bike in South Africa is available in two models. The first one is the CQB 150M while the second one is the CQB 150A. These are perfect vehicles for motor sport enthusiasts and are known as ATVs or all-terrain vehicles for a good reason.

CQB 150M The Conti 150 cc quad bike

Specifications of the CQB 150 M. include a GY 64 stroke engine with a displacement of 149.65 cc. The cooling for the engine uses an air-cooled system while the quad bike starts electrically and has a kickstart backup. The final drive on the drive train is chain based and the transmission has four forward gears and one reverse gear. The drive system is a stick shift gear configuration. As far as the suspension is concerned the front suspension is independent and of the A arm type while the rear suspension is a mono block type and therefore dependent.

The brakes have the mechanical drum on the front, while the hydraulic disc is placed at the rear. The tires are both high quality sets with the 19iA7-8 on the front and the 18iA9.5-8 size on the rear. As far as the dimensions are concerned the base is 960 cm wide while the turning radius on the inside tire is 2500 cm. The dry weight of the Conti 150 cc model number CQB 150M is 125 kg. The dimensions of the vehicle are 1480 cm in length, 880 cm in width and 925 cm in height.

The quad bike has a fuel capacity of 5 L and can acquire a maximum speed of 50 mph. It has a ground clearance of 110 cm and the instrumentation features a low oil indicator and fuel gauge.

When it comes to the second model, which is CQB 150A, it has a CTV automatic transmission and follows the same specifications as the previously mentioned vehicle, even though the drive system is gear based.

This allows drivers to choose from a stick shift or an automatic transmission based on their requirements or preferences. For the perfect all-terrain vehicle ride a person should first take some safaris out into the outback to enjoy the luxury and feel of controlling a quad bike and then invest in a personal vehicle. Many of the drivers who purchase such a vehicle need training in how to maintain it.

You can pick up some great bargains with new tires and only minimal usage. Secondhand models are available in excellent condition from online buyers. Most buyers purchase them without having tried out the quad bike on different areas and landscapes. Eventually some owners tire of their vehicles and offer them for sale. Exploring with an ATV like the Conti 150 cc is best enjoyed in a group.

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