Duromine South Africa

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The diet pill known as Duromine is available in three concentrations of 15 mg, 30 mg and 40 mg.

How Duromine Works

This diet pill is available by prescription only and can be purchased only if a doctor prescribes it for use by a particular patient. The main reason for that is that it acts as an appetite suppressant and controls the nervous system. It is prescribed for those who have increased medical risks due to being overweight.

Duromine in South Africa is used as a medical pill. The main chemical in it is phentermine, which is a synthetic stimulant. It mimics the effect of phentermine by working on the central nervous system. However the medicine goes one step beyond and contains a resin that inhibits the release of phentermine. This in return allows the effect of the drug Duromine to last all day long.

Presentation of the Duromine Pill

The dosage strengths for the Duromine capsules range from 15 mg to 40 mg with the packaging containing 30 capsules to last about one month.
The gelatin capsules are green and gray colored in a hard gelatin coating and have the caption of the drug’s name printed on top in the axial direction on both of the halves. The writing is printed in black. Each of the capsules is filled with the resin, which releases 15 mg of the slow release phentermine. It is in the form of the ion-exchange resin complex.

For the 30 mg capsules the color of the capsule is reddish brown and it has the same gelatin coating. The name of the drug is printed in the axial direction in white on both halves of the capsule. It releases 30 mg of the drug throughout the day because of the slow release resin complex.

South African doctors who prescribe Duromine under required conditions provide indications for the use of the medication. It is a short-term adjunct in a weight-loss program that is medically monitored. It should be part of a comprehensive program, which covers calorie restriction through diet modification and exercise built into the daily activity. There is a timeline set for weight loss and targets are monitored regularly. Patients who have a very high body mass index, which is 30kg/m² or more and have not benefited from any diet modification and regimen are assisted with the use of the drug.

The primary reason for its introduction is not simply to bring a patient’s weight down to a lower body mass index. It goes one step further and is prescribed to patients who have increased medical risks and a family history of morbidity or adult onset diseases.

In that case the BMI need not be very high but the drug may still be prescribed to induce healthy and assisted weight loss. The medication has been given to patients who have a high risk of insulin resistant diabetes, sleep apnea; pre-diabetes symptoms combined with obesity or impaired glucose tolerance. Patients with high cardiovascular disease risk due to obesity are also given the medication. In order to monitor its effectiveness, a target of 5% weight loss is established for the first 12 weeks. In case that is not achieved the medication is discontinued and replaced by other methodologies under the guidance of a trained doctor.

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