Best Camping Site In Croatia

Orsera is one of the best camping sites in Croatia. It’s right on the seafront, has beautiful rural scenery, idyllic islands and a range of activities available. Read our guide for more facts & information…

Orsera is situated in the foothills of the historic town of Vrsar. Surrounded by lush, green forests, the rustic scenery creates a dreamy backdrop to your vacation. The area is perfect for hikers with plenty of trails to be explored and hills to climb to revile some of the most beautiful views imaginable.
The campsite area is around 9 hectares and it can hold just over 1,700 people.  It was voted Croatia’s Best Campsite in 2010 and 2011, largely on the strength of the breathtaking surrounding scenery.

The Beaches and Islands of Orsera

One of the best aspects of camping at Orsera is the 900 meter Blue Flag (certified clean) beach that is surrounded by 18 small, uninhabited islands. The islands are easily accessible with just a short boat ride and are perfect for going exploring with your friends and family and finding a spot to play beach games.

Alternatively, you might want to escape to a secluded, romantic spot with your partner to watch the sun go down or share a stolen afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of the real world.

The Perfect Weather for Camping in Croatia

One of the things that make Orsera one of the best camping sites in Europe is the perfect Croatian weather. The typical Mediterranean climate reaches 30 degrees at the height of the season but the light sea breeze makes the temperatures more than bearable.

Orsera Activities & Amenities

There are plenty of activities and amenities to be found when camping at Orsera, to suit all price ranges, ages and social group. One of the advantages of camping is the ability to pick and choose activities to tailor your vacation to your own specific needs.

The best camping activates available at Orsera include; a diving center, sports and recreation programmers, Children’s entertainment program, yachting and a host of others. For the more adventurous, nearby Vrsar has the Koversade nudist camp, the largest of its kind in Europe!
Orsera has 575 organized pitches that are equipped with electricity, internet and basic facilities such as hot water, shower and washing machines.

Low Prices

One of the bonuses of camping in Croatia is the low prices and a pitch can be purchased for as little as 5 Euros a day. Young children often go free and pets are allowed but may cost a little extra. It’s worth having a look at price offers online to find the best deals available.

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