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Looking for Rancho Bernardo, California homes for sale? Read our guide for facts and info on Rancho Bernardo real estate and where to look for homes for sale…

Rancho Bernardo is a unique region that forms part of San Diego, California. It is characterized by a typography primarily consisting of canyons and rolling hills. At the same time, it is a thriving community with plenty of shopping malls, office parks and golf courses. As such, it is an excellent place to invest in property. Interested individuals will be able to find plenty of homes for sale in Rancho Bernardo.


The exact location of this community places it at a distance of 20 miles from Ranch Santa Fe. It is also in close proximity to downtown San Diego, situated to the northeast of the region. The Carmel Mountain Ranch falls right next to Rancho Bernardo, and the city is also located to the south of Escondido and to the northwest of Poway.

Top Rancho Bernardo Neighborhoods:

High Country West

This region will give you a variety of choices, ranging from single story and double story completely detached homes to duplex-style single family homes. This neighborhood is located in a unique triangle composed of the Bernardo Center Drive, Camino Del Norte and the I-15. As such, it is regarded as being the most popular family neighborhood in the entire community. This fact makes it a great place to invest in real estate.

You will find that most of the houses have stucco exteriors complimented with tiled roofs. This neighborhood was developed back in the 1980s. Another recent project known as the “Villa Traviana” is an ideal place to look for condominiums.

Families are particularly attracted to this neighborhood because of the excellent schooling facilities in the area. Furthermore, the schools have been located in a such a manner that students can easily commute on foot without having to cross any major streets. Amongst the plus points of this neighborhood is the Turtleback Road recreation center.

Bernardo Heights

This is one of the upscale neighborhoods of Rancho Bernardo. It was developed during the 1980s and has been divided into 19 sub-sections. These divisions consist of single family detached homes, three apartment complexes and nine condo complexes. It can safely be said that this particular neighborhood offers the widest selection of housing for interested individuals, ranging from a 700 square condo to over the top multi-million dollar customized houses.

The Bernardo Heights Community Center is responsible for servicing all the residents. The neighborhood has its own Olympic sized swimming pool, spa, locker rooms, exercise pool, eight lighted tennis courts, billiards room, exercise room, meeting rooms and kitchens.

On comparison, you will find property in Bernardo Heights to be relatively more expensive than the choices available at High Country West. However, both of these neighborhoods have their own plus points that contribute to making them great areas to live in or invest in real estate.

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