Double French Horn Screw Bell

Should you buy a double French horn that comes with a screw bell? Read our guide for more facts and information…

A screw bell is the name given to a bell that can be removed from the French horn by twisting off its first branch. The primary purpose of a screw bell is to add convenience for the player by making the horn easy to carry and transport.

If the horn is being carried with the bell attached then there is a bulge in the case for the bell. This makes it difficult to move and so when the screw bell is removed, the case becomes slimmer and hence easier to carry.

The screw bell has become very popular and has proved to be a very successful development for the modern French horns. There are no significant drawbacks of having a screw bell instead of a fixed bell.

The screw bell allows greater portability for the player as you can now easily carry the horn in any compact space. It is an ideal choice for those who travel a lot or ride in subways or airplanes. With your detachable screw bells commuting with people is no longer a problem.

Some popular French horns that come with the screw bells are as follows.

Holton H278

The Holton H278 Farkas Double French Horn comes with a detachable bell. It is made from yellow brass, has a bright sound and great intonation. The horn has a Kruspe wrap and comes with a medium throat bell. The screw bell ensures that the Holton H278 provides quality along with comfort.

Conn 8DS

The Conn 8D is a high quality horn that come with the option of having adjustable screw bells for added convenience. The CONNstellation 8DS French horn is chosen by many professionals. It is a double horn with the F and B flat keys. It has a Kruspe wrap, comes in a clear lacquer finish and has a nickel silver construction.

Its other features include mechanical change valve, tapered rotors and adjustable levers. The horn has a large throat bell and it comes with a mouthpiece and deluxe case. The buyer can also choose from a choice of three bells, branch material and different bell throat sizes. It is a great horn for anyone looking for a double French horn with a screw bell.

There is also the option of converting the bell from a fixed to a screw bell. Now people can easily get their bells converted without having to replace their horns. This can be done by your instrument repairing shop or by the company you purchased the horn from. The process is being widely carried out and does not cause any significant problems for the horn afterwards.

However if you are purchasing a new French horn, then keep the advantages of having one with a screw bell in mind so that you don’t have to get your horn converted later.

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